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Transit Ad Options and Benefits


Transit ads are the ads featured on and around public transportation and in areas near public transit. With the full range of options included, there are numerous reasons why big and small businesses invest in transit ads. However, before we explore the benefits, let’s better understand transit advertising by looking into the options.

Transit Advertising Options

Your campaign’s needs will determine which choice is ideal for you. Below are options offered through transit advertising:

  • Bus Advertising: Bus advertising provides displays on the exterior that can be wrapped on the front, back, and sides of the bus and even ads that can cover the entire bus! Also included are interior advertising options fixated on handrails, ceilings, walls, seats, and more.
  • Taxi Advertising: Taxi advertising presents options to advertise on the top, sides, and back of a taxi’s exterior. Advertising inside a cab is also possible with small posters and digital screens.
  • Subway/Rail Advertising: Subway and rail advertising has similar options to interior bus ads. This medium includes posters lining the subway’s walls, handrails, and so forth.
  • Airport Advertising: Airport advertising has several options like transit shelters, phone kiosks, banners, baggage carts, and so on!

Transit Advertising Benefits

Given all these options, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of benefits that come with transit advertising. For starters, people can’t ignore transit advertising. Unlike TV, Internet, or mobile ads, passersby can’t skip or turn off the ad. Your message gets the exposure it deserves.

Transit advertising also reaches diverse crowds in populated areas like cities, university districts, shopping centers, and airports. Additionally, through repeated exposure, these ads can make a more significant impact on frequent flyers and regular transit riders.

Aside from the audience reached, transit advertising offers flexibility to fit budgetary needs. With various sizing and placement options, there’s bound to be an ad space that’s within your campaign’s price range. It also garners high impressions to make for a low CPM!

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