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Life Time Fitness Media in the DOmedia Company Spotlight

Life Time Fitness MediaLife Time Fitness Media has launched two new networks that will span across more than 40 states and generate further viewership from the hard to reach, highly desirable college student and health minded audiences. The new additions of the College Network and Healthy Lifestyle Media Network will provide companies national and regional coverage through four integrated media platforms: full motion sight and sound TV, Digital Signage, Static posters, and sampling. “No other media company offers a combination of these mediums across an entire network in this many states,” stated Thomas Link, vice president of Life Time Fitness Media. “No other media company offers access to both of these attractive audiences, managed by just one company,” continued Link.

Because of the new Healthy Lifestyle Network, companies can now advertise their brands and products in fitness centers that garner over 200,000,000 visits annually. While the new network can vaunt its access to 400 fitness centers in 45 states, it can also pride itself for obtaining a direct relationship with affluent consumers in the country’s largest markets. High traffic associated with an upscale audience constitutes a great media buy.

Life Time Fitness MediaThe College Network is a new network that secures a relationship with a distinct source of consumers: college students. By producing a media program across the College Network in 100 colleges and universities across the country, Life Time Fitness Media has developed a way for advertisers to create a constant connection with current and future spenders. As incoming students try to avoid the freshman fifteen, companies and brands can market their products designed for one of the country’s most influential buying powers.

Full motion televisions and digital signage present content tailored for these new, distinct networks. Students will be able to view school updates and athletics schedules while absorbing digital ads. Members at our fitness centers improve their workouts by watching music videos, club news, and schedules for group fitness classes; intermediately, companies promote their brand ads, custom content or sponsored content.

Life Time Fitness MediaTheir original network, the continuously growing Life Time Fitness Media Network, has established itself as the leading innovative media outlet that presents the most extensive integration and experiential advertising of any media network. A number of companies have experienced success while taking advantage of Life Time Fitness Network’s resources. Motorola’s S10, for example, witnessed a sales increase of 70% during their program that utilized platforms like in-club posters, in-club digital signage, and on-site product trial.

All of the Life Time Fitness Media networks are Arbitron audited and companies receive detailed reports that reflect the proof of performance.

June’s Newest Out-of-Home Vendors on DOmedia

DOmedia has recently added seven out-of-home media vendors to the largest marketplace of traditional, digital, and alternative out-of-home media during the month of June.  These vendors offer a variety of media ranging from permanent / digital billboards to and sponsorship opportunities in a variety of venues. From the road, to the travel plaza, and the retail store to the contractor showroom, these networks are prepared to reach your customers wherever they drive, shop, or work. Read more to learn about each new media vendor and view their DOmedia profile to request a free quote today.

Click any company name below to view their Company Profile on DOmedia and Request a Quote.

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The Digital Content Store for Digital Screens

As more and more digital screens pop up in high traffic venues across the country, digital networks are struggling to provide up-to-date, relevant content to viewers. Without a dedicated production team or a big name partnership with a content provider, digital networks and venues are left with little choice in terms of engaging content for their viewers. In order for the digital signage industry to be welcomed with open arms, it must provide value to the consumer without being overtly intrusive with advertising.

Screenfeed understands digital signage networks and how important fresh, engaging content is when it comes to attracting viewership. But they also know the toll it can take on a company that creates custom content to fill a playlist, then attempts to continually refresh it. Oftentimes, it just isn’t economically feasible to take that burden on for a digital network.

As The Digital Signage Content Store®, Screenfeed provides the best licensed digital signage content in the industry. Digital networks and operators can subscribe to a number of different channels. Screenfeed will mix them up automatically and consistently deliver the content to the network. And because it works with any digital signage software, you can schedule hours of dynamic content in just minutes! Whether it is one screen or a nationwide network, Screenfeed’s scalable solution can deliver. Plus, because many of their channels offer great looking hi-def content based on photos, graphics and information rather than video, you can get HD content at a low bandwidth.

So What Are the Different Channels?

To attract attention to screens, these channels feature high resolution photos of celebrities, sports heroes, well-known places and events people recognize at a glance. Each photo is accompanied by a brief headline. News-in-Pictures channels include Top News-in-Pictures, Celebrity Life-in-Pictures, and Sports-in-Pictures. Screenfeed also recently added Health, OMG!, Tech, Business, World, Canada and UK News categories as well. Learn more »

Daily Video News
This channel engages viewers at a deeper level, providing videos that include a brief story of a breaking news topic including interviews, movie reviews, politics, business and sports. Choose to receive either a single news minute covering the best stories of the day, or subscribe to a full set of 5-9 video stories daily for each channel. Daily Video News channels include Today’s Top Video News, Entertainment Video News, Sports Video News, NewsMinute Daily Video, Showbiz Minute Daily, and Daily Celebrity News. Recently added channels include Today-in-History, Lifestyle, Tech, Business, and Strange News categories.

Weather Graphics & Video
You may not know it, but weather is the #1 requested type of content on digital signage. So why not give the people what they want? Stick with simplicity using the Basic Weather or Weather Graphics Package. Or you can really ‘€œwow’€ your audience with the HD Video Weather, Weather Radar Package, Premium Weather Center or even customize your weather services.

People want to be entertained. Using Screenfeed’s Infotainment channels, you can easily capture your audience’s attention with some fun facts and information that actually engage them. Perfect for doctors office waiting rooms, Healthy bites provides health information in HD that can be branded or sponsored. Also great for a waiting room or area with a captive audience is the Photo Trivia Channel, complete with HD photos and interesting facts about science, travel, celebrities, sports, nature and history. Or check out the Top Tweets Channel, a moderated feed of the most interesting and appropriate tweets of the day. Want to provide localized content? Try the Local Event Information channel, offering community, sports, music and theater event details. Screenfeed also provides unique content with the Celebrity Biographies channel and Weekly Fashion Review channel.

Captivate your audience with the ultimate visual appeal. Through the Naturescapes Channel, eye-catching high-definition footage of pristine beaches, mountains, dense forests and colorful rainforests combine with natural sounds and relaxing music to create the right environment. Want something a bit more exciting? The Extreme Sports Video Channel shows wipeouts, tricks and unbelievable scenery on water, land, snow and air. And perfect for banks, offices, hospitality, cafes, restaurants and golf retail, the Golfscape Channel offers breathtaking photography of golf landscapes around the world.

Learn more about Screenfeed’s Content Channels

Getting started is pretty simple.
1. Browse the vast collection of digital signage content channels and decide which of them you’d like to subscribe to. Once you’ve chosen your channels, call 1.800.461.3002 to subscribe.
2. Next, Screenfeed will gather info about your network and software, then set up your account to provide the right format and delivery method.
3. Finally, you schedule the content in your playlist.

Once the content is scheduled, delivery will be automated with no further work from the network.

To find out more or to subcribe, call Screenfeed at 1.800.461.3002 or visit