Billboards Enhance Search for Missing Girl

Photo courtesy of the TBI
Photo courtesy of the TBI

Photo courtesy of the TBI

Billboards aren’t only used to gain brands more exposure. Out-of-Home advertising is now joining efforts to make the world a safer place.

As seen in an OAAA article, 9-year-old Carlie Trent went missing from her school in Rogersville, Tennessee on May 4th. Billboards in Tennessee and surrounding areas were leveraged in efforts to locate Carlie. Billboards reminded drivers to be on the lookout for the missing girl, flashing the active Amber Alert. Trent was found alive on May 12th and her kidnapper is in custody.

DOmedia is proud to see OOH advertising working to increase public safety. We are excited to see how the OOH industry continues to leverage its expertise for the greater good.

EYE Touchscreens Connect Pubs and Public Opinion

eye corpDigital Signage Today recently sat down with EYE Corp Media CEO Jeff Gunderman to discuss his firm’s roll in a new initiative that’s bringing even more “spirit” to the 2016 Election. EYE Corp, which operates one of the most comprehensive networks of digital touchscreen kiosks, leveraged its video jukeboxes to poll bar patrons on the upcoming presidential race. According to Gunderman, the poll engaged 7,000 participants, many of whom were younger than the demographic typically reached through more traditional polling methods.

Here’s a bit of what Gunderman told Travis Wagoner of Digital Signage Today:

We have proven with this initial survey that we can get a much larger participation in a very short period than many polls currently used today to predict results. We are working with the data to create a profile of the audience we can reach. For example, we know the exact location and time of each survey result, which allows us to add that layer to the results and really look at trending across demographic data and geography. This is an alternative approach for marketers looking to target a specific audience.

The increasing integration of technology into the OOH space is one of the most exciting aspects of the industry. We love seeing innovative applications for screens and digital signage, and we’re sure we will see many more in the future. If you’re interested in reading the rest of the story, you can find it on the Digital Signage Today website.

April Showers Bring May Features – Release notes: 5/4/2016

Raccoon-Steals-Cat-FoodDOmedia’s industry-leading software has always been key to media professionals looking to work faster and smarter. Today, we are announcing a new set of enhancements that will let you work quicker than ever!

Advertisers make thousands of searches through our database of media assets. Often times, they are unfamiliar with the market in which they are searching. It is well known that nobody has more locations than DOmedia, but that can pose a challenge in big markets. It is difficult to through over 1,500 locations efficiently. Or rather it was difficult. 

How have we made it easier? Check out this adorable metaphor to find out:

Imagine yourself as a raccoon (yes, a raccoon) racing to steal food from a group of cats.  You could get there the old fashioned way (metaphorically by browsing through way too hundreds of map markers). Or, you could run on your back legs and use your dexterous little raccoon hands to snatch cat food from the competition (taking metaphorical advantage of new clustering features on our map).  Clustering simplifies the way those locations display by dividing them into easily-navigated groups.  Check out the pic below to see for yourself.  I bet you have never wanted to be a raccoon more than you do right now!

Many more helpful enhancements were implemented recently as well, so scroll down past the clustering pic to keep living your raccoon fantasy!


Other Improvements for All Users:

  • The number of messages and unread messages relating to RFPs can now be easily tracked.

Other Improvements for Buyers:

  • When buyers issue a contract, they have the ability to send an additional message to the desired users they select as recipients.
  • When a RFP is created, the name of the template selected on the project brief is still not recorded.
    ~ April Fool’s!  The template name is now duly noted. ~
  • Buyers wanting to create maps of vendor locations can do so without having first created a RFP.

Other Improvements for Sellers:

  • Sellers can now upload multiple files at one time.
  • In honor of World Health Month, sellers are now able to upload supplemental files as large as 100MB, because we know the stress caused by seeing ‘File exceeds size limit’ is real!


In case you missed it, we recently launched a massive new set of tools for media sellers:

Click here to learn more about the DOmedia Supply-Side Platform (SSP), our new suite of Software that Sells


MediaPost: DOmedia Launches Supply-Side Platform For Out-Of-Home Advertising

MediaPost recently covered the launch of our supply-side platform (SSP). It’s a suite of software that keeps media sales teams selling media instead of dealing with spreadsheets. And, by integrating with the DOmedia demand-side platform, it puts your team just a few clicks away from the leading platform for planning and buying media. Here’s a bit of what MediaPost wrote:

DOmedia, a technology provider for planning and buying out-of-home (OOH) advertising, on Monday said that it launched a supply-side platform (SSP). The new cloud-based platform will bring buyers and OOH media companies together on the same platform to enable them to create interactive media maps, generate proposals and improve communication.

DOmedia handles all the major OOH formats: billboards; transit media (bus, subway); street furniture and mall media; alternative media (street teams, event marketing, sampling, mobile billboards); and digital out-of-home.

Interested in our suite of Software that Sells?

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MediaPost is one of the most esteemed publications in the advertising industry, and we were extremely gratified that they chose to cover the launch of our newest suite of tools for media sellers. Our supply-side platform represents a step forward in the industry and furthers our mission to change the way media is bought and sold by bringing media buyers and sellers closer together. If you are interested in reading the rest of the story, you can find it here. 


Around OOH Digest: Future Edition

Don't fight the future!

At DOmedia, out-of-home media excites us. We love all the ways it’s being used, the trends, and the ways it’s changing. That’s why we’re always staying up to date on the latest and greatest. To share the OOH love, we like to round up our favorite news, trends, insights and general fun around the OOH world.

This month, we’ve got a special treat for you: we’ll be focusing on the future of OOH, and what this month has shown us about where it’s headed. Let’s face it, too many people think that out-of-home = billboards = old and boring. But take a closer look, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bring on the future, because it looks pretty bright to us.

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