Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017


As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on all we’ve done. This year, we’ve seen many new trends and tech advancements in the OOH industry. We’ve had a blast covering many of these subjects over the last twelve months, as well as answering frequently asked industry questions.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten most popular blog posts in 2017. These are the posts that had the most views this year. Topics range from examples of interesting OOH to breaking down more complicated concepts into understandable pieces. Check out the list below to see the topics of interest to our audience of out-of-home experts.

  1. What is Place Based Marketing?

One of the most common questions we got last year was, what is placed-based marketing? This post had the answer.

  1. Notable Billboards-Part 5

The fifth installment of OOH advertising that we absolutely love. Apparently, our readers loved them, too.

  1. How Billboard Advertising Works

How to take your billboard from ideation to installation in five easy steps.

  1. GRP Advertising Definition

While GRP and TRP are basic OOH terms, our readers seemed to really like this refresher course.

  1. Notable Billboards-Part 2

Yet another installment of OOH advertising that we absolutely love.

  1. Where to Find OOH Stats

A great resource for finding more OOH resources.

  1. OAAA/Geopath National Convention Expo

An overview of the 2017 convention.

  1. Why OOH Agencies Should Love Facebook Messenger Ads

After the announcement that Facebook Messenger would have ads, we detailed the benefits of combining OOH and mobile.

  1. Notable Billboards 6: We’re On A Boat

The sixth installment of OOH advertising that we absolutely love. People really liked boat ads this year.

  1. 150th Anniversary of the First Billboard

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of billboards, we gave a brief history lesson.


Thanks for reading us! We hope to see you again in 2018!


Vendor Spotlight: Roots Media Incorporated

“We pride ourselves on our reputation and our attention to detail. We have excellent relationships with all of our network store owners, and we are the only marketing company that provides 100% proof of performance to clients.”

– Magdie Capo, MRI’s VP of Communications and Partnerships

DOmedia, the host of the largest database of OOH vendors in the US, is constantly encountering innovative vendors. In our Vendor Spotlight series, we attempt to highlight these companies and explain to you how they are pushing the industry forward. Today we’re focusing on Roots Media Inc., a full-service, non-traditional, place-based media, and experiential marketing company.

Roots Media Inc. delivers dependable placed-based signage opportunities in the top 30 US markets. Since it’s founding in 2014, RMI has built thousands of their venue based locations all across the country.  Additionally, Roots Media Inc. provides 100% POP (Point of Purchase) photos of their displays and even runs habitual audits during every campaign to ensure that brands’ messages are being seen daily.

Facilitated by a talented team of installers, auditors, and market managers Roots Media Inc. constantly strives to provide a “level of customer service and integrity that is unmatched” in their industry. When we spoke to Magdie Capo, VP of Communications and Partnerships for Roots Media Inc., she noted how important it is to “bring brands to life in the heart of communities nationwide.”  Which is something RMI achieves by consistently “identifying, creating, and maintaining venue-based signage opportunities”.

Roots Media Inc. is moving the OOH industry forward with their intense focus on the principles of “innovation, positive consumer engagement and lifestyle integration,” as well as their profound commitment to “delivering maximum ROI and creating emotional connections within communities.”

If you want to learn more check out Roots Media Inc.’s vendor page here!

Want to be featured on our blog? Fill out our short vendor questionnaire here.


Transit Shelter Advertisement Sizes

Each day, people living in major U.S. cities wait approximately 40 minutes for public transit. OOH advertisers can capitalize on this waiting population through the use of panel displays, shelter wraps, and embellishments. This post will detail the sizes and benefits of each of these formats.

Transit Shelter Panel Displays (Traditional and Digital)

A common form of OOH advertising associated with transit shelters is panel displays. These panels are often placed on the sides of transit shelters, making them visible to passersby and bus passengers alike. They are usually backlit to achieve 24-hour illumination and can even be double-sided in an effort to reach traffic coming from either direction. These panels are becoming increasingly digital, which allows the content displayed on them to vary widely and change intermittently. Panel ads are commonly displayed at 67”H x 46”W with this sizing remaining fairly consistent among all OOH companies and mediums.

Wrapped Transit Shelters

Wrapping a transit shelter entirely in OOH advertising is another great way to reach target audiences in highly trafficked areas. Investing in this format will ensure that your advertisement is visible from virtually any angle when viewed from the street or sidewalk. Additionally, shelter wraps offer a fully immersive experience to waiting passengers as they surrounded them fully on three sides. Unfortunately though, due to the nature of these advertisements, there is no standard sizing because requirements can vary widely between markets.

Embellishments & Build-Outschibusshelterzone

Embellishments and build-outs are yet another form of transit shelter advertising. These advertisements generally involve wrapping the entire structure, as well as adding additional design elements in order to further communicate an idea. Pictured to the right is a shelter where the company has embellished the structure with the tops of lemon trees to enhance their ads for a new lemon-drop vodka flavor. This type of advertising can be very memorable and is highly creative. However, it is also anything but standard, which means there are no standardized sizing guidelines.

Advertising on transit shelters is a great way to reach public transportation passengers, city-goers, and passersby. They serve as a canvas for effective out-of-home campaigns and can deliver your advertisements directly to the crowds of people who you wish to reach.

Now that you know more about the types and sizing requirements of transit shelter advertisements, check out DOmedia, host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the USA, and find the perfect shelter for your next campaign.  

Kiosk Marketing


Looking to gain exposure in areas with heavy foot traffic where billboards aren’t an option? You might want to consider using a kiosk. When put in high traffic areas, kiosks are great at ensuring prolonged exposure and repeat impressions. Let’s take a look at some of the different kiosk options and benefits. 

Pedestrian Kioskskiosk2

Pedestrian Kiosks are upright structures, usually constructed in high traffic areas, outfitted with panels capable of displaying OOH advertisements. These panels usually contain temporary ads and can even be backlit for around-the-clock visibility. Maps of metropolitan areas can also be displayed in these kiosks to help pedestrians navigate complicated city streets. Doing this brings consumers eye-to-eye with your OOH offering, and encourages them to engage with the kiosk directly.

ATM Kiosksatm

Although ATM Kiosks have a singular primary function (completing minor banking transactions), they can also function as a canvas for OOH advertisements. ATM advertisements can be as simple as digital ads displayed on a screen, and as intricate as vinyl wraps that envelop the entire machine. Additionally, the personal interaction required when using an ATM will ensure that your offering captivates users in a meaningful, memorable way.

Payphone Kioskspayphone

Payphones may seem like a thing of the past, but according to the American Public Communications Council, 1.7 Billion calls are still made through payphones annually. Subsequently, the shelters that house payphones can still be considered premium real estate for OOH advertising. Phone kiosk ads are usually placed on the backs and sides of the shelters, and can even be placed right on the phone itself.  Their steady usage and their ability to gain exposure in highly trafficked areas make phone kiosks the perfect format for advertising on a populated city street, or in a busy airport’s terminal.

Now that you know about the various types of kiosks, and their associated benefits, head on over to DOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the USA, to find the perfect location for your next kiosk marketing campaign!

Airport Advertising Opportunities


According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, over 58 million people are projected to fly domestically for the holiday season.  While this increase in travel is surely great for airlines and travel companies, it can also be a major opportunity for OOH advertisers. This post will detail the different forms of airport advertising, and explain how to make an impact on the hordes of holiday travelers that are sure to be buzzing around in airports all across the country.

Airport Baggage Trolleys

Airport baggage trolleys can be found all over the airport, but are especially prevalent in the area between passenger drop off and security check-ins. The ads placed on them usually measure 19″ (w) × 23″ (h) and are very effective because their reach can extend past just the person pushing the cart. They also can be simultaneously directed at the other passengers who will see the ad as the cart moves around the airport, essentially serving as a mini mobile billboard!

Scrollers & Hoardings


Banners, digital ads, and scrollers can be effective when placed at nearly any location within an airport. If you want to maximize your OOH opportunity think about placing ads next to flight information/update boards, in the space between gates, or in high-density waiting zones (i.e. boarding gates, security check-in, etc.). Considering all the traffic that the holidays are bound to bring in, placing an ad in a location where attention is sure to be focused has the potential to make an OOH offering especially impactful.

Baggage Carousel

The final stop for nearly every airline passenger is baggage claim and unfortunately, the time here is often just time spent bored, waiting for bags to arrive. Take advantage of these idle minds and give them something to look at. Place a banner ad on top of the baggage carousel, or even wrap the carousel itself with an OOH advertisement! Any ad placed at baggage claim is sure to engage the masses of passersby attempting to exit the airport.

Now that you know are familiar with various types of airport advertising head on over to DOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the USA, to find the perfect OOH airport display for this holiday season.