Stadium and Arena Advertising

October truly is one of the best times of year to be a sports fan! The MLB playoffs are in full swing, football is officially back, and our next-door neighbors, the Columbus Blue Jackets, are once again competing against their NHL counterparts. Sports season presents great opportunities for OOH advertising. In this blog post, we’ll take a shot at explaining various types of stadium advertising and the benefits of each.

Jumbotron Features

jumbotronIf you’ve ever been to a live sporting event then you probably know that when your attention is not on the field (court, rink, pitch, etc.) it’s probably focused on the Jumbotron instead. These massive digital video boards are commonplace in almost every sports venue and are a premier location for your OOH advertisement.

Advertising features on Jumbotrons are typically 30-90 seconds long and are displayed either after a play or during a timeout. By disguising these ads as attention-grabbing entertainment segments such as top plays, team trivia, and stadium-wide raffles fans can remain fully immersed in their experience while simultaneously connecting with brands’ promotions.

Stadium Signage

stadium signageBranded signage is another very common and effective stadium ad format. These signs or posters are placed in concourses, stairwells, elevators, and even parking structures. Despite being relatively conventional in nature you can be sure these ads will reach the hoards of fans who roam the stadium looking for their seats, restrooms, and concession stands.

Branded Stadium Seating

seatadvertisingBranded seating is another productive form of stadium advertising that makes an impact the moment fans take their seats. Seat advertisements refer to branded giveaway bags, containing a variety of goods and information, that are affixed to the backs of fans’ seats before the start of the game. Placing these ads at one of the fans’ first points of contact with the stadium makes your brand stand out, and immediately prompts users to engage with your offering. By investing in seating advertisements you place your brand directly at the fingertips of consumers and encourage continual interaction both during and after the game.

Turnstile Advertisements

turnstileTurnstile ads generally come in the form of customized sleeves that can be slipped over the existing turnstile bar, transforming it into an eye-catching OOH display. Placing these ads on turnstiles at the entrances of stadiums and arenas, either before or after security checkpoints, obligates long lines of fans to personally interact with your advertisement on their way to the game.

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Interactive Media Walls


Interactive media walls are an exciting new form of digital OOH advertising capable of bringing your brand directly to consumers’ fingertips. These attention-grabbing displays are sure to gather a crowd as they educate, entertain, and provide unforgettable experiences to users.

Interactive media walls are delivered through two primary mediums:

Monitor-Based Displays

These consist of large collections of LCD screens tiled together in landscape format to create one cohesive image. The average size of these displays is 8’x14’ but can be as long as 30ft! These installations allow photos, graphics, and even videos to be activated simply by the touch of a user’s fingers.

They are used commonly in corporate lobbies, museums, and transit terminals, but can be effective in almost any space where there will be a high volume of passersby. Also, consider sending an interactive media wall on the road and start captivating customers in new markets with this fun technology.

Projection-Based Displays

These are slightly different from monitor based displays because they do not rely on physical contact to trigger a response. Instead, they use a combination of projection based images and gesture tracking technology to track a user’s movement and create interaction.

This medium is great for creating branded games and interactive advertisements that have the potential to influence how customers perceive your brand. Projection based displays are flexible in their sizing so they can be placed virtually anywhere, but they can be effective when installed in malls, movie theaters, or any other retail establishment.

In addition to this, projection-based displays are not limited to only being on the wall. Try placing one of these on the floor and watch user’s reactions when they realize they’ve walked right into your advertisement!

Next time you feel like you are being limited by standard forms of OOH advertising consider an interactive media solution. It’s an intensely creative format that is sure to have consumers meaningfully engaging with your brand.

Want to see one in action? Check out this video link.

Vendor Spotlight: Unified Products and Services

DOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the US, is constantly encountering innovative vendors. In our Vendor Spotlight series, we attempt to highlight these companies and 
explain to you how they are pushing the industry forward. Today we’re focusing on Unified Products and Services, a company that provides immersive wi-fi advertisements during the guest login process.

We previously talked about 
place-based advertising. Founded in 2009, Unified Products offers us a concrete example of place-based advertising in action. Their wi-fi advertising is currently available at over 350 fitness locations nationwide. Once gym goers log in to the free wi-fi, they are made to watch a short, no-skip video ad. After the ad, they are taken to a landing page where they can receive a coupon or request more information on the ad they just watched. Finally, they can be given the option to opt-in to push notifications for that product or service in the future. The notifications can even remind them of an abandoned shopping cart.

Since they are advertising to people at the gym, the ads can be extremely targeted to that specific demographic. In fact, their videos have an 80% completion rate! Cell phone data can be collected on a landing page to further refine customer data, making future ads that much more effective.

According to CEO Kevin Dailey:

“Since many members work out on a regular basis the immersive experience will stick with them over the long haul.  We offer the ability to rotate ads during the login sequence to keep the interest up with fresh content.  This results in fully 80% of members seeing the video ads to completion.  We think this compares quite favorably with TV or digital signage videos, which rarely get a complete viewing anymore.  Coupled with  the right call to action and PUSH notifications it is a unique marketing play not found anywhere else.”

If you want to learn more check out the Unified Products and Services vendor page here.

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Parking Garage Advertising

Whether they’re going to a ball game or to work, people need to park. This tends to be a challenge in busy cities with lots of people trying to find spots in the same general area. Parking garages offer multiple levels of parking, allowing many people to park in a small space.

With so many people using parking garages on a daily basis, they create a unique space for advertising. There are options for external signage, elevator wraps, internal signage, and even garage gate ads. Be sure to check out the different options below.

Exterior Signage

Parking garages are generally in busy areas with a lot of traffic. This makes them a perfect place for external signage. Billboards can be placed on the exterior walls, targeting motorists, commuters, and pedestrians. They’re also a great place for colorful murals or large building wraps.

Elevator Wraps

Since parking garages have many levels, they usually have elevators. You can wrap your logo or ad on the elevator door. Give people something other than the brass finish to stare at when they’re waiting for the elevator.

Interior Signage

Interior signage is seen by the people entering or exiting the parking garage. In major cities parking garages are used heavily by executives or influencers. They become your captive audience when looking for a spot or waiting to drive out of the garage. Interior signage comes in all shapes and sizes, including posters, backlit posters, billboards, or even banners. Completely take over a level by placing your ad all over the walls, columns, and floors.

Garage Gates

Gates are the first thing drivers will see when entering the parking garage. They are also the last thing that they will see when exiting the parking garage. Take the opportunity to make a lasting impression on them with a highly creative ad that they’ll be thinking about for days.

Pharmacy Bag Advertising

Pharmacy Bag advertising is an effective and affordable way to reach consumers. With nearly half of all Americans currently taking a prescription medicine, the ads placed on these bags offer you repeated exposure through a trustworthy source.

The average American pharmacy fills about 700 prescriptions weekly, and almost all of these prescriptions are given to the customer in a small plastic pharmacy bag. Ads are generally placed on the front, sides, and back of these bags and can vary in both size and function.

Pharmacy bags are either 10 or 13 inches tall, almost always 5 inches wide, and printed with ads in 4 standard sizes. Those ad sizes are as follows:

  • Standard: 4.5 inches x 2.75 inches
  • Executive: 4.5 inches x 4.125 inches
  • Economy: 4.5 inches x 1.375 inches
  • Full: 4.5 inches x 7.5 inches

Utilizing these different ad sizes allows advertisers to distribute a coupon directly to local customers, share some basic company information, or even showcase a stunning full-page ad similar to ones seen in newspapers or magazines.

Pharmacists are considered to be some of the most honest/ethical professionals around. A poll taken by Gallup in 2016 reported that nearly 70% of participants said pharmacists were people of “high” or “very high” ethical standards. With common perception of pharmacists being so positive why wouldn’t you want to attach your successful brand to theirs?

Adults ages 50+ account for 74% of pharmacy customers and are the most affluent of any age group. So next time your company is looking to capitalize on the overlooked age 50+ demographic in an inexpensive yet impactful way, look no further than your trusted community pharmacy.