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But what about the clutter factor?

human-ads.jpgAs I was diligently toiling away in my office this afternoon, I overheard Brittany talking about a guy trying to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the most advertising tattoos on one’s body. Needless to say, that’s something that will get your attention. After reading the complete article in the Anchorage Press, it turns out that Billy Gibby, aka “Billy the Billboard”, began offering up his flesh for sale about a year-and-a-half ago. (an online casino gaming site) has the dubious honor of being the first “client,” occupying the prime real estate of Billy’s entire back. Since then, he’s added four more “placements” and is looking for others who will be willing to shell out some cash to make a permanent mark.

Now, putting my marketing hat on, I can’t help but wonder about a few key points:

  • As Billy takes on additional clients, is there a clutter factor advertisers should take into account?
  • Do different body parts have their own circulation numbers, taking into account the “air” time of each?
  • What do you do if you change your logo?
  • Does category exclusivity only apply to single limbs?
  • Do you get make-goods if he breaks his arm?
  • Are the ads considered seasonal? After all, this is Alaska we’re talking about!
  • Would strategically placed tattoos be considered “animated” if flexing is involved?

So many things to consider! On the other hand, I’m thinking this definitely qualifies as advertising with the potential to really “touch” people.

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Milk: A Great Source of Protein, Calcium, & . . . Trips to Italy?

view_thumbnail_cream.jpgNo use crying over spilt milk . . . except when it can cut you a deal on flights to Italy!  Expedia, the online travel provider, has come up with a unique and somewhat subtle way to advertise its flight deals to Italy from Germany.  By teaming up with coffee shop Deli Star, Expedia is targeting German travelers by utilizing cappuccino’€”which is, after all, Italian at its core. By holding stencils over the cappuccino milk foam and sprinkling chocolate powder, Deli Star workers created surprisingly legible’€”and effective’€”travel offers.  Paper coasters placed under the cups gave further details on the travel deals and provided additional branding exposure for Expedia.  Talk about ordering a coffee to go. . .view_thumbnail_cream-1.jpg

Google Goes to Mars?

virgle-logo.gifAdvertising on the moon is soooo 12 hours ago! I just ran across the latest Virgin/Google antics on Adrants (a must-read if you’re in the advertising biz) and needed to look into this one further. According to the post, Sir Richard Branson (Virgin) and Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google) have joined forces, forming a new entity, Virgle, whose mission is to colonize Mars.

Apply to become a Virgle pioneer and you could win a coveted slot on a ship to Mars. It will be dangerous. It will be uncomfortable. It will be unnecessarily expensive. “But your enriched descendants will appreciate your sacrifice, which should render worthwhile your choice to spend the rest of your (perhaps radically foreshortened) life in deprivation and uncertainty,” Virgle assures you.

After watching the YouTube video and then checking out the site, I was seriously beginning to think these guys have way too much money and time on their hands…until I read this: it’s all an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. You have to love mega-billionaires who are still having fun and love a good laugh as much as the rest of us. Of course, if this is the joke, I wonder what that means for moon-side advertising. After all, Gmail was released on April Fool’s Day too…