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Around OOH Digest: Future Edition

Don't fight the future!

At DOmedia, out-of-home media excites us. We love all the ways it’s being used, the trends, and the ways it’s changing. That’s why we’re always staying up to date on the latest and greatest. To share the OOH love, we like to round up our favorite news, trends, insights and general fun around the OOH world.

This month, we’ve got a special treat for you: we’ll be focusing on the future of OOH, and what this month has shown us about where it’s headed. Let’s face it, too many people think that out-of-home = billboards = old and boring. But take a closer look, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bring on the future, because it looks pretty bright to us.

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Envision Solar Launches Digital Out-of-Home Advertising on Environmentally Friendly Solar Recharging Ports for Electric Cars

Envision Solar, EV ARCEnvision Solar is a leading renewable energy company based in San Diego, California.  The company offers advanced, high quality solar energy products, including the unique and patent pending “EV ARC” (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger). The EV ARC is a fully autonomous and fully mobile Electric Vehicle Charging station.

Envision Solar recently announced that they will begin supporting digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising with the deployment of its EV ARC Digital Platform. The maiden campaign is to be run at the Kearny Mesa FIAT in San Diego, a leading retailer of FIAT vehicles. Continue reading →

Brand Insights from the DPAA Summit

DPAA - Video Everywhere

The DPAA’s annual Summit – Video Everywhere – was held recently in New York City. As usual, the opportunity to hear agency and brand perspectives directly from those leaders was insightful, powerful and motivating!  Although many comments were directed towards digital media, the extension to other formats was a very short leap.

Bob Lodice, President & CEO of the ANA, kicked things off in the first panel by stating that “all (media) markets must become transparent” and that if brands “don’t understand it (media), they shouldn’t be doing it”.

A sentiment shared by major brands is that marketers are “drinking from a fire hose” trying to understand what media should be planned and bought.  Robert Tas, Managing Director from JP Morgan Chase, added that brands are “being forced to understand and build systems to measure” media effectiveness – a responsibility that the agency should be assisting with.

This is reflective in the fact there is no shortage of data and sources – but all of the non-standard and decentralized information creates friction within the evaluation and decision-making process.  As cited, this stands in stark contrast to broadcast planning/buying which was referred to as “frictionless”.

When asked why digital place-based media is often dropped off plans, Edward Gold, Advertising Director from State Farm Insurance, answered by saying the category is still “a concept buy” and held to a higher standard.  He went on to implore network operators to tell him “why do I need to be in a specific place?”  We suspect a request like this is commonly made to other OOH formats as well.

The continued call for more measurement, more transparency and more accountability is not new to the out-of-home advertising industry – and progress is being made on these fronts, albeit sometimes at a seemingly slow pace.  To get there, we need only to remember and renew our motivation to deliver what the brands are asking for.

With your help, DOmedia has been supporting these efforts with a consistent focus on the adoption of standards that increase the efficiency of media planning, buying and selling.  The end result is more effective media investment, which in turn helps grow the industry.

Thanks for being the best part of the DOmedia marketplace!

Black Friday OOH Buys

Black Friday is right around the corner, and all of the major brands will be looking to be front and center for the big day. Millions of Americans will be in search of the newest and coolest products and brands, of 2013, so place your brand in front of your customers when they are most impressionable! Whether you are looking to advertise inside malls, around shopping centers or anywhere in between, DOmedia can help you find what you are looking for! Check out our newest additions just in time for the holiday seasons!



Bike share is taking the United States by storm and revolutionizing the way we think about transportation and urban development. The bike share industry is growing at a breakneck pace with America’s bike share fleet quadrupling in 2013. Bike share spreads your corporate message on a network of constantly moving bikes throughout your market and shows the public that your company is forward thinking and environmentally conscious. In addition to your logo and messaging making impressions on thousands of people, consumers know they are supporting sustainable transport by purchasing your brand’s products and services. Go green for Black Friday when choosing Cyclehop.

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Getting in front of your customers on the go is easier than you think, and can help! With their network of digital screens in the Washington DC metro area, your brand can be at the fore front of all shoppers’ minds in some of the highest foot traffic areas of the city. Their 55” to 70” digital screens are eye catching and can support traditional print, radio, television, and even social media formats! Create your just-in-time advertising campaigns just in time for the holidays with!

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CMS Consulting Group

CMS Consulting Group

Get on board with one of the most diverse media sellers in the country! Getting in front of your brands customers at the mall is quite important, but why not give them the extra bump they need before they get there? CMS Consulting group can do just that. Offering media ranging from traditional and digital bulletins to New York Ferries to Vehicle wraps, CMS can put your brand in front of your customer when they are literally on-the-go! With offerings in some of the largest markets in the nation including New York City and Los Angeles, why look any further? Be sure to check out CMS Consulting Group for all of your holiday media shopping needs.

Top 3 Sales Trends for 2013

Sales Trends1. Instant Access to Solutions
In 2013 the Web will make salespeople more, not less important. Buyers are turning to the Internet to find solutions. What this phenomenon has done is created a new set of expectations amongst customers. Today, advertisers expect more from salespeople. They expect sales reps to be experts of their business and act as managers protecting their interests within the sales organization. Those salespeople and companies that are not easily accessible or take too long to respond won’t have a chance. Have your information readily available for buyers to access on the DOmedia website. Don’t make them chase you down for information.

2. Expert Sellers
Today, customers need expertise from salespeople. They need something of value added to the sales process. Adding value to the sales relationship protects against commoditization. Let go of the day to Continue reading →