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A Halloween Serving of OOH Advertising

Trick or treat?!

Like most people in the fall, our users often get a sweet tooth around the Halloween holiday… Some have a sweet tooth for out-of-home (OOH) media in the advertising industry.

Give into your cravings while you check out a healthy alternative to Halloween candy on DOmedia.  Composed of 700+ media sellers, DOmedia has the largest database of media sellers in the OOH industry.

Want to take a bite of the OOH advertising industry in your next media buy? See the “nutritional facts” of OOH media categories you may choose from in your next search on DOmedia.

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Collecting Intel

Intel Gesture Display

It would be difficult for any large company, let alone a $54 billion tech company, to enter the digital signage space without making a splash.

There’s no doubt that Intel has its eye on the Digital OOH prize.  Whether they choose to operate as a ‘branded ingredient’ for hardware companies, or embed themselves elsewhere in the value-chain, one thing is certain..  Intel wants to play, they want to play with winners, and they want to grow their way into a dominant market position…

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Top 5 Tweets from #DSE2012

The Digital Signage Twitterverse was abuzz at DSE 2012.

Although tweet-volume was down a bit from last year, the explosion of integrated screens on the show floor made for a rich social experience for attendees and exhibitors.  It seemed like every booth had a live-stream.  During one 5 minute span I was able to immortalize my twitter handle on a half-dozen unique displays.

Twitter Live-Steam by X20 at DSE 2012






Personal vanity aside (for a moment!).. this is a clear signal that network operators, software, and content-providers are recognizing and harnessing the power of social.

Here’s my list of the 5 most insightful, observant, and down-right sexy tweets from #DSE2012…

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Pixels, Pixels Everywhere: DSE 2012

Projections / Holographics

The digital signage expo – held March 6-9 in Las Vegas – surely lived up to its name.  With nearly 100 exhibitors – including pixel-pushing giants such as NEC, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung – there was a massive amount of displays on, well, display.

Digital screens continue to get larger, sharper, and more vivid each year.. but they are also getting more interactive, adding more dimensions, and becoming true windows into our digital world.

DSE participants are certainly hocking their shovel-ready technologies, but they are also there to earn mindshare by drawing attention to the innovative products in the pipeline.

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Integrating Mobile & Digital Place Based Campaigns

One of the most talked about trends in the out-of-home industry is the rising use of mobile media. Despite the tremendous growth of mobile over the last several years, the industry has yet to agree upon how to integrate with OOH campaigns. One way advertisers are integrating is the placement of QR Codes in their existing OOH media. The QR Code directs the consumer to a mobile-optimized landing page with a call to action. Multiple industry studies have shown that QR Codes are scanned by 10-15% of smartphone users. Another nascent mobile ad execution is augmented reality (AR). It is an emerging media that lays an artificial, interactive layer over the actual view of the surrounding environment, as seen through a phone’s camera. AR offers new ways for brands to interact with consumers but it is not yet widely used by advertisers and few consumers are aware of its capabilities. While these emerging mobile media technologies are exciting, sometimes it’s easier to reach the consumer using methods that are more widely used and accepted. An example is the sponsorship of mobile hotspots, integrating a mobile-activated landing page that delivers advertising in conjunction with Dpb campaigns.

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