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Big Brands Bring Campaigns Out-of-Home this Fall


This season, the leaves are changing, the air is getting crisper, and the big brands are taking it outside… Outside of the home, that is.

When deciding how to build excitement and promote tune-in for the new fall schedule, Fox chose to move away from the TV commercials to focus on OOH, taking advantage of traditional formats along with digital billboards and networks. The driving factor behind the new move to digital? — the ability to show full-length pilots for some of this season’s lineup, such as “Raising Hope” and “Lone Star”. Full pilots ran on three major airlines, the Hotel Networks and Princess Cruises, and street-level video networks at subway stations.


Next up: Budweiser. The king of beers (whose recent sales would suggest he’s been overthrown) needed to find a way to cozy up to young under-30 beer drinkers. The solution? In-bar promotions. The bait? Free beer! The campaign started earlier this week, encouraging under-30’s to “Grab some Buds,” and reaches it’s high point tonight as the brand hosts the “Budweiser National Happy Hour.”


So what does a company do when they want to reach active 20 and 30-something’s who don’t spend their time watching TV and surfing the net? They go to them! Just ask Mitsubishi, who recently found a new way to reach the M-Generation, their target demographic whose lifestyles closely tie in with some of the vehicles’ “personalities”. The brand decided to take it on the road, showing up at races, trail heads for mountain biking, dog parks and more, asking people along the way–“What Are You Into?”

MINI Does It Again with New DOOH Campaign

worldrecordMINI MINI’s utilization of out-of-home advertising opportunities never cease to amaze (and entertain) me. To say each is more creative than the last would be a lie–not because the quality goes down, but because each individual execution is so unique, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Over the past few years, MINI has managed to take one of the oldest forms of advertising–billboards–and transform it into an event, capturing attention nationwide. But recently, they’ve added a new element to their approach: digital out-of-home.

MINI-Countryman1-224x300For the launch of the new 4-door MINI Countryman, the company took more of an interactive approach, actually getting consumers involved in the advertisement. Over the summer, replicas of the new car made special appearances in shopping centers, stations and streets around the UK. The challenge: how many people can you fit in a MINI? And although the cars looked packed to the brim with crammed-in people gasping for air, they were, in fact, empty.

So how did they do it? Using video cameras inside the MINIs, passersby could take the challenge, packing as many people as possible into the car while recording the whole scene. Then, the footage was projected onto the inside of the MINI, as if the challengers were still inside. Participants could then share the video with friends via Facebook.

Remember some of MINI’s other executions the past few years, some of which landed them in the 2010 OBIE Awards Hall of Fame and as finalists for AdWeek’s Best Out-of-Home Ad of the Decade?


The campaign for MINI Clubman also made it as a finalist for the 2009 Out-of-Home Media Plan Awards.



Talk about your morning cup of coffee…

Once again, McDonald’s has found another creative and attention-grabbing way of showcasing their coffee. This time the stunt took place in three Canadian cities for two weeks as a way to encourage people to stop in for a free cup of coffee. Whether driving, walking or looking on from a local building, the ad was impossible to miss. Suspended 50 feet in the air was a giant coffee pot pouring a stream of coffee into a 7 ft tall cup (complete with the new cup design, of course).

(Image courtesy of Media Life Magazine)

Like I said, this isn’t the first time McDonald’s has put their coffee in the spotlight using an amazing and larger-than-life stunt. Earlier in NYC’s Times Square, the fast food chain raised an installation on the side of a building that included a giant spigot pouring hot coffee into a massive McDonald’s cup below. It’s no wonder McDonald’s did well in the OBIE Awards. They’ve done an incredible job of creating campaigns that are truly memorable and really stick with people.

Submedia: Interactive displays that actually move with you

In today’s world, ads are everywhere. To be effective and catch the eye of consumers, an ad has to bring a little something extra to the table, give people a reason to notice. Submedia’s recent campaigns for Dasani water and Coca-Cola did just that, literally stopping people in their tracks.

It’s rare to find ads that people get excited about. That’s why Submedia’s work is always so effective. They bring advertising that is fresh, innovative & entertaining. Take the Dasani and Coke campaigns, for example. Using storefronts, Submedia created 3D interactive displays that actually moved with passersby. In that way, they not only caught attention, but actually got people interacting with the ads… to the point that some were even running up and down the sidewalk. Well done, Submedia! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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