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Top Reasons for Buyers to Use RFP 2.0

1. No more building formulas in Excel

By simply using our download feature the following calculation/Formulas added below proposal rows that change dynamically:
Download Button Screenshot

  • COUNT: Rows,
  • SUM: Impressions/Cycle
  • SUM: Units
  • SUM: Total Campaign Rate Card
  • SUM: Total Campaign Net Media Cost
  • CPM: Based on Net Media Cost

2. Instant Revision Tracking

We know each campaign is a little different and by using the download feature you can take a snapshot of the campaign as often as you like and it will date and timestamp your folders.

Download Revisions

3. Instant Reporting

When you hit build report you can click through proposals by format, market and vendor it’s a great way to analyze the pile of proposal information you get back.

3 Political Ad Buying Strategies That Win Elections


Political advertising buys are focused on the measurables: Nielsen viewership reports, radio ad plays, voter households dialed, mailers delivered and, above all, polling and voting results.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising (billboards, street furniture, digital place-based media, cinema, street teams, etc.) has become increasingly measurable, is able to reach a hyper targeted demographic and is an effective compliment to tv, print, radio and mobile political campaigns.

Here are 3 Political Ad Buying Strategies
That Win Elections: Continue reading →