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Around OOH Digest: Future Edition

Don't fight the future!

At DOmedia, out-of-home media excites us. We love all the ways it’s being used, the trends, and the ways it’s changing. That’s why we’re always staying up to date on the latest and greatest. To share the OOH love, we like to round up our favorite news, trends, insights and general fun around the OOH world.

This month, we’ve got a special treat for you: we’ll be focusing on the future of OOH, and what this month has shown us about where it’s headed. Let’s face it, too many people think that out-of-home = billboards = old and boring. But take a closer look, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bring on the future, because it looks pretty bright to us.

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Out-of-Home Entices Consumers to Take Action

Every time we turn around, it seems there is even more proof that out-of-home works! Let’s face it, we have always known how effective out-of-home is in reaching our customers and driving results. However, we still love to see even more research confirming our belief, and convincing more people.

ArbitronWhen Arbitron released its 2013 Out-of-Home Advertising Study, I observed some interesting findings that further establish the idea that OOH gets consumers to take action. This study found that four in ten OOH viewers were encouraged to visit a store or restaurant, or watch a TV show because of an OOH advertisement.

Remember the days when getting a high-end brand to try outdoor advertising was next to impossible?  Today, looking at the out-of-home brands, that is certainly not the case. According to this study, the OOH media audience is more likely to live in homes with higher incomes.

Billboards still take first place in the most viewed OOH media type (Approx. 2/3 of travelers have seen a billboard in the last 30 days), however, 54% of US adults have spent time walking in a town, city or downtown area in the past month. These adults have probably seen many other types of out-of-home media—including interactive displays. Even more amazing was the average time spent walking—3 hours and 52 minutes per week.

Below are some more remarkable statistics from the study:

Adults were motivated to…

  • visit a store advertised–39%
  • visit a restaurant advertised—40%
  • view directional ads—40%
  • immediately visit a business—26%
  • shop a sale in-store that week—29%
  • shop a sale online that week—28%
  • use a mobile device—12%
  • recommend a product—24%

The findings from this study confirmed that OOH media prompts viewers to make purchase decisions when in crucial decision-making mode. It also validates that OOH engagement and viewership is high. Out-of-home media increases revenue, consumption, buzz, awareness and action.

DOmedia is also sharing some enlightening information with the sellers each month. We have released our DOanalytics reports to our sellers so they can evaluate their listings and profiles. Keep an eye out for your seller analytics report to be emailed to your inbox from our client services team.

Arbitron Study Methodology: Arbitron and Edison Research completed 912 surveys with U.S. residents aged 18 or older to investigate Americans’ travel habits and their relationship to out-of-home media. The research was conducted in January and February 2013 through telephone interviews using random digit dialing (RDD) landline and cell phone sampling. The survey was offered in both English and Spanish language. Data were weighted to national 18+ population figures.

References: 2013 Arbitron Out-of-Home Advertising Study. To see a copy of this study, contact Diane Williams, Sr Media Research Analyst, or visit the Arbitron website.

Faster. Smarter. Better

Buyers RFP 2.0 DOmedia

Buyers becoming faster, smarter, and better.

DOmedia isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to use those three words to describe a new product. Our latest innovation, RFP 2.0, is the manifestation of industry leaders coming together with a shared purpose, they want to DO media better.

Faster starts with the foundation of DOmedia. Over 750 vendors and 1,000 media buyers are actively using DOmedia today. Easily searched and accessible, DOmedia provides quick access to millions of data points in ways that mirror buyers’ processes. Our RFP tools help buyers manage multiple campaigns with multiple vendors in multiple media formats. It centralizes communications and status updates while providing quick access to submitted files with a fast “download all” function. Continue reading →

Drive Sales With Premium Profiles

Increasing your sales starts with more planners and buyers looking for and finding what you have to offer. Agencies are seeking media information everyday and demanding relevant data and better search results from resources like DOmedia. The challenge is in creating and maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date information to meet those needs.

New Premium Profiles are built and customized by DOmedia’s team, with information you provide, to optimize your exposure in our internal as well as all external search engines. A Premium Profile – represented as a unique category/subcategory combination – includes location level detail as well as free leads from request quote traffic. And we’ll keep your information – including locations, media kits and images – updated with a quarterly audit and incorporate any changes necessary to your profiles. Company and Basic Profiles are still free to create yourself, but the depth of information included with Premium Profiles will increase your visibility significantly:

Compare Profiles Basic Premium
Annual Pricing Free $500 per product profile
Company Contact Information & Logo
Product Profiles Appear in Search Results
Product Profile Images One Image Included Unlimited Images
Category Profiles by Market
Location Profiles  
Media Planning Information, Photosheets, Request Quote Link  
Preferred Search Result Placement  
Custom Built Media Profiles, Quarterly Updates  

Also, because planners and buyers want to know which profiles have complete planning information, Premium Profiles will include a badge differentiating them and also have preferred search result placement so they are easy to find and view.

Lastly, the annual Premium cost is also 100% rebateable against your annual RFP fees, so it can pay for itself with successful orders placed through DOmedia. See more here or contact and we’ll get you started!

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Reflections from OnMedia NYC 2013

DOmedia was honored as an OnMedia top 100 private tech company.
The seventh annual OnMedia conference was held in New York City March 17th and 18th and was a celebration of the innovative people, companies, and ideas that are connecting and empowering the world.

The field was full of household names ‘€“ Twitter, Pinterest, Square, Uber and Tumblr ‘€“ and was dominated by tech companies with coastal headquarters and superstar financiers.  All of the ‘€œbuzzy’€ industry segments were present and accounted for.  Digital media, cloud, big data, real time bidding, and community platforms… BINGO!

Tony Perkins, AlwaysOn

Tony Perkins, CEO AlwaysOn

This year’s overall ‘€œwinner’€ was AppNexus ‘€“ the world’s leading cloud-based real-time-bidding exchange for digital online.  AlwaysOn’s Tony Perkins conducted a fireside chat with AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley.  They discussed the genesis of the company, how Brian raised his first dollar from Marc Andreesson and Ben Horowitz (before they were ‘€œAndreesson Horowitz’€), their early pivots, and the challenge of scaling a business while raising a family.  The story was a remarkably familiar one.  Brian had a great idea, a supremely tailored skill-set to execute on that idea, and was able to plug into an ecosystem and ‘€œride the wave’€.

DOmedia was the exception to the rule in this year’s OnMedia 100.  We are headquartered in ‘€œSili-corn-Valley’€, operate a business in a decidedly non-sexy industry (Out-of-Home), and build technology tools that empower media planners, buyers, and sellers, rather than replace them with algorithms.  When it comes to buzzword BINGO, we are holding an empty card.

So how did we even make this year’s list?  The answer is simple.  The answer is YOU.

The answer is YOUOur growth, our dynamism, and our success is driven by you ‘€“ our partners and our customers.  Whether you work at a the worlds largest agency, or the worlds smallest media company, we believe at our core that you planners, buyers, and sellers in the Out-of-Home industry (and those in digital, mobile, social, et al) are the most valuable assets that your company has.  We are not discounting the value of big data.  We believe in analytics and we believe in the efficiencies that programmatic tools can bring to media buying.  But we also recognize the value of experience.  We recognize the value of the expert.  That is why we build the tools we do.  That is why we work every day to empower you ‘€“ make you faster, smarter, and more efficient.

We are honored to be recognized by AlwaysOn, but more importantly, we are honored to work with all of you.