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Out-of-Home Entices Consumers to Take Action

Every time we turn around, it seems there is even more proof that out-of-home works! Let’s face it, we have always known how effective out-of-home is in reaching our customers and driving results. However, we still love to see even more research confirming our belief, and convincing more people.

ArbitronWhen Arbitron released its 2013 Out-of-Home Advertising Study, I observed some interesting findings that further establish the idea that OOH gets consumers to take action. This study found that four in ten OOH viewers were encouraged to visit a store or restaurant, or watch a TV show because of an OOH advertisement.

Remember the days when getting a high-end brand to try outdoor advertising was next to impossible?  Today, looking at the out-of-home brands, that is certainly not the case. According to this study, the OOH media audience is more likely to live in homes with higher incomes.

Billboards still take first place in the most viewed OOH media type (Approx. 2/3 of travelers have seen a billboard in the last 30 days), however, 54% of US adults have spent time walking in a town, city or downtown area in the past month. These adults have probably seen many other types of out-of-home media—including interactive displays. Even more amazing was the average time spent walking—3 hours and 52 minutes per week.

Below are some more remarkable statistics from the study:

Adults were motivated to…

  • visit a store advertised–39%
  • visit a restaurant advertised—40%
  • view directional ads—40%
  • immediately visit a business—26%
  • shop a sale in-store that week—29%
  • shop a sale online that week—28%
  • use a mobile device—12%
  • recommend a product—24%

The findings from this study confirmed that OOH media prompts viewers to make purchase decisions when in crucial decision-making mode. It also validates that OOH engagement and viewership is high. Out-of-home media increases revenue, consumption, buzz, awareness and action.

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Arbitron Study Methodology: Arbitron and Edison Research completed 912 surveys with U.S. residents aged 18 or older to investigate Americans’ travel habits and their relationship to out-of-home media. The research was conducted in January and February 2013 through telephone interviews using random digit dialing (RDD) landline and cell phone sampling. The survey was offered in both English and Spanish language. Data were weighted to national 18+ population figures.

References: 2013 Arbitron Out-of-Home Advertising Study. To see a copy of this study, contact Diane Williams, Sr Media Research Analyst diane.williams@arbitron.com, or visit the Arbitron website.

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