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History of Billboards

Piccadilly Circus BillboardsOne of my favorite things about DOmedia is getting to work with the entire out-of-home industry. I get to read about, talk about, interact with, and write about the best of the modern leaders, ideas, mediums and more. I get excited when people ask what I do, and I dive into everything about the DOmedia marketplace and all the exciting things happening in the industry.

Usually, though, I get a bit too excited. I’m met with an enthused but confused face, begging the question, “so… what’s out-of-home?” And the easiest way to explain it is simply, “think billboards.”

Billboards are the archetypal out-of-home media. Among the countless innovative OOH mediums and assets available to advertisers today, billboards stand as tall as, well, billboards. They’ve been around since the early days of outdoor advertising, and continue to be one of the most popular mediums available.

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3 Reasons Out-of-Home Advertising Is Up

A recent article by MediaPost reported that out-of-home advertising revenue continues to rise, despite total ad spending declining nearly 7% for the 2nd quarter in 2015. Out-of-home and local radio are the only forms of traditional media seeing significant growth, with out-of-home rising nearly 3.8% in the 2nd quarter. As the leading OOH marketplace, DOmedia has identified 3 reasons for OOH continuous growth and success.

Manhattan wallscape via Outselling, Inc.

Manhattan wallscape via Outselling, Inc.

Great Reach – With increasing mobility, consumer are away from their homes an average 70% of waking hours per day. Out-of-home advertising provides more reach to the on-the-go consumer, as it is visible on their commutes in various formats: roadside billboards, bus wraps and even stair graphics.  Out-of-home can reach consumers in ways other categories of traditional media cannot.

Great Value – Out-of-home is highly efficient as it delivers impressions at a lower CPM, saving advertisers big bucks. Television advertising typically has high CPM costs and production costs. Print advertising has costly frequencies, low reach and high clutter. Out-of-home provides more cost efficient advertising, with a range of $3.38-$8.65 per thousand impressions nationally.

Great Creative – Out-of-home advertising gives creative teams freedom to be innovative on a whole new level. Companies like Apple are utilizing their own customers’ photos for breathtaking wallscapes.  Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company captivates pedestrians with 3-D images. Out-of-home advertising allows companies to showcase their creative abilities on large scale formats that isn’t possible in other forms of traditional media.


Great Timing – With the presidential election arriving in a year, campaigning is in full swing. Political candidates realize reaching millennials could be the key to success in the 2016 race, but reaching these millenials has proven difficult. Millenials are on the go and becoming immune to traditional advertising, but OOH media offers the opportunity to grab their attention. 

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The Buys of the Summer

The weather is warming up, school is out and summer vacations are right around the corner! Millions of Americans will be out and about in and traveling around the country including: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. Don’t miss out on putting your brand in front of the millions who will be working out, walking the halls of America’s malls, having a bite to eat at their favorite restaurants, or grabbing a cold one with good friends. DOmedia’s hot new media sellers will put your brand at the forefront of the summer lifestyle, allowing you to advertise in prime summer locations. From the streets of the Big Apple to health centers, to malls and restaurants, we have it all. Check out our newest sellers who arrived just in time to suit your summer advertising needs! Continue reading →

Product Spotlight: Digital Traditional Outdoor Media

Traditional outdoor companies have been bringing the digital element to their products for years. The same benefits that advertisers enjoy with digital place-based products – such as shorter turn-around times and lower production costs, are available with traditional media like billboards, bus shelters, newsstands and transit.

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MINI Does It Again with New DOOH Campaign

worldrecordMINI MINI’s utilization of out-of-home advertising opportunities never cease to amaze (and entertain) me. To say each is more creative than the last would be a lie–not because the quality goes down, but because each individual execution is so unique, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Over the past few years, MINI has managed to take one of the oldest forms of advertising–billboards–and transform it into an event, capturing attention nationwide. But recently, they’ve added a new element to their approach: digital out-of-home.

MINI-Countryman1-224x300For the launch of the new 4-door MINI Countryman, the company took more of an interactive approach, actually getting consumers involved in the advertisement. Over the summer, replicas of the new car made special appearances in shopping centers, stations and streets around the UK. The challenge: how many people can you fit in a MINI? And although the cars looked packed to the brim with crammed-in people gasping for air, they were, in fact, empty.

So how did they do it? Using video cameras inside the MINIs, passersby could take the challenge, packing as many people as possible into the car while recording the whole scene. Then, the footage was projected onto the inside of the MINI, as if the challengers were still inside. Participants could then share the video with friends via Facebook.

Remember some of MINI’s other executions the past few years, some of which landed them in the 2010 OBIE Awards Hall of Fame and as finalists for AdWeek’s Best Out-of-Home Ad of the Decade?


The campaign for MINI Clubman also made it as a finalist for the 2009 Out-of-Home Media Plan Awards.