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Product Spotlight: Digital Traditional Outdoor Media

Traditional outdoor companies have been bringing the digital element to their products for years. The same benefits that advertisers enjoy with digital place-based products – such as shorter turn-around times and lower production costs, are available with traditional media like billboards, bus shelters, newsstands and transit.

Benefits of the medium:

One of the benefits of using digital as an advertising medium is the ability to ‘€œnarrowcast’€ by reaching very targeted audiences. However, there is still a need to reach the ‘€œmasses,’€ and that has always been an advantage of traditional outdoor advertising. Billboards, street furniture and transit advertising can still target the commuters driving into the city and walking around in the high pedestrian areas.

Digital traditional outdoor products provide increased availability in the more desirable market areas that may have typically been sold out. Other benefits include creative flexibility, social media integration and little or no production cost. An advertiser can also change messaging throughout the day, making the ads more relevant to the consumer.

The ability to create intimate messaging and two-way communication through the use of electronic devices and social media creates added value and engagement. Digital creative makes turnaround and planning time shorter and more cost effective.

How it is used:

Traditional outdoor companies employ different sales strategies for this category. Some sell digital products as a network. For example, a company that has thirty digital billboards in a market might sell them as three 10-unit networks. Other companies may sell digital assets individually to help provide more availability in areas that are quickly sold out. You can find out how companies sell these products by viewing the Pricing / Impressions tab under any Product Profile on DOmedia.

These types of sales strategies can provide an advertiser with the chance to be seen ‘€œeverywhere’€ in the market. They provide both reach and frequency with a lower CPM akin to traditional inventory. For instance, if a client buys ten units targeting morning traffic on a daily basis, there is a high opportunity for a large audience to see your message each day.

An advertiser can also use the traditional formats to make an impact. For instance, in addition to the high profile displays available in all markets, many markets have areas providing bigger screen opportunities in high pedestrian areas. New York, Las Vegas, and Phoenix are just a few of the markets providing these opportunities.

How it is measured:

The Traffic Audit Bureau measures traditional fixed outdoor inventory (billboards and street furniture). Look for transit to be measured by TAB in the near future. In the meantime, traffic venue numbers for airports and bus and train stations are typically used. Also, ridership data can be used for advertising inside the trains and buses.

Markets available:

In recent years, large traditional outdoor companies have been very aggressive in building out their digital inventory. There aren’t many markets left that do not have digital billboards. Not only are we seeing growth geographically across the US for digital bulletins and posters, but also for other traditional formats. In major cities, you can find digital displays on bus shelters, newsstands, and buses.

New Technology:

Over the years, improved digital display technology has allowed for much higher-quality creative executions. The technological advances are apparent in the use of creative elements, for instance, advertisers can choose to display current headlines, flavor of the day, mortgage rate updates, etc.

New technology has also allowed for social media campaigns, two-way communication, audio and interactive campaigns. There is also technology available that allows for creative to be changed as popular items are being sold. ‘€œWisdom of the Crowd’€ is a technique allowing store inventory systems to ‘€œdecide’€ which items will be displayed on the creative execution.

Some of the new technology even allows for interactive displays as well as measurement of shopper engagement. An advertiser can find out who actually looked at the displays, the percentage of shoppers who were engaged, and even when the customer (time/day) looked at the ad message.

Who provides the products:

ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales
American Outdoor Advertising
Asian Targeted Media, Inc.
Atlantic Sign Media
Border Billboard
CBS Outdoor
City Reach, Inc.
Clear Channel Outdoor
DDI Media
Digital Spectaculars
Emerald Outdoor
Fourpoints Communications
Jersey / Premier Outdoor Media
Kessler Outdoor Advertising
Key-Ads Outdoor Advertising
Lamar Advertising
Las Vegas Billboards
McIntrye Outdoor Advertising
NextMedia Outdoor
Reeves Media

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