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3 Political Ad Buying Strategies That Win Elections


Political advertising buys are focused on the measurables: Nielsen viewership reports, radio ad plays, voter households dialed, mailers delivered and, above all, polling and voting results.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising (billboards, street furniture, digital place-based media, cinema, street teams, etc.) has become increasingly measurable, is able to reach a hyper targeted demographic and is an effective compliment to tv, print, radio and mobile political campaigns.

Here are 3 Political Ad Buying Strategies
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Product Spotlight: Digital Traditional Outdoor Media

Traditional outdoor companies have been bringing the digital element to their products for years. The same benefits that advertisers enjoy with digital place-based products – such as shorter turn-around times and lower production costs, are available with traditional media like billboards, bus shelters, newsstands and transit.

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Use of Live Advertising on Digital Billboards

MediaLife posted a couple of examples of advertisers taking advantage of the greatest advantage of digital out-of-home and digital place-based media – the ability to create live, customized messaging.

Two simple, yet non-traditional examples were from a local radio station in Louisville displaying currently playing songs on a digital billboard asking passers-by to tune in, and secondly the Turner Networks posting up-to-the minute scores from the NCAA men’s basketball games.

As advertisers start experimenting with the power of digital media, expect to see more creative executions like this – perhaps even your face on a four story digital screen in times square!

Read the MediaLife article here: ‘Say, Looks like they’re playing our song’ Billboard streams titles of songs being played by a radio station.