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Featured Alternative Vendor: NMB Media

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CycleHop’s Unique Bike Share Advertising

CycleHopBike share (also known as “bicycle sharing,” “public bikes,” and “bikesharing”) is taking the United States by storm and revolutionizing the way we think about transportation and urban development. The bike share industry is growing at a breakneck pace with America’s bike share fleet quadrupling in 2013. The bikes and their associated equipment (kiosks, bike racks, and service vehicles) provide companies unique advertising opportunities. For the past 20 years, CycleHop and its sister companies have focused on motivating people to ride bicycles for both transportation and recreation.

Bike ShareUnlike static billboard advertising, bike share spreads your corporate message on a network of constantly moving bikes throughout an ad market and shows the public that your company is forward thinking and environmentally conscious. In addition to your logo and messaging making impressions on thousands of people, consumers know they are supporting sustainable transport by purchasing your brand’s products and services. Many companies throughout the United States have already discovered this unique and tremendously valuable marketing opportunity. Citi Bank, the sponsor of Citi Bike in New York, saw a substantial positive change in consumer perception just a couple months after the program launched. Likewise, companies such as H&M, New Balance, and Whole Foods have advertised with several bike share programs.

CycleHop recently received recognition for a new bike share program being launched in Phoenix – view the report on Phoenix’s Fox 10 news.  Join the bike share revolution today and advertise with CycleHop Bike Share.

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Carroll Media Services, Inc in the DOmedia Spotlight

Carroll Media ServicesCarroll Media Develops First Performance System for Outdoor Advertising

Metrics based on TAB OOH Ratings provide actual campaign delivery

Carroll Media Services Inc (CMS), an independent OOH media auditing, tracking and research company, launched OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis, the first program to provide performance ratings for outdoor advertising. Using TAB’s Out of Home Ratings data as its base, the new program is a value-added service for all CMS clients who retain OutdoorAdTrak field audit services.

OutdoorAdLogoOutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis is a CMS proprietary program that provides an audience delivery rating/index for the Out-of-Home media buying similar to what advertisers get with other media and works with any OOH program that has impressions as a base for it’s currency. Reach and frequency is also computed.

The program uses real performance attributes recorded in the field by CMS agents to assess to what degree purchased impressions should be adjusted. Aspects such as proper illumination, on-time posting, visibility standards, and overrides are among considerations that factor into a final performance metric.

Glenn CarrollCEO Glenn Carroll noted: “Now advertisers have a solid performance index for OOH just as they have had for other advertising media, which will enable them to track actual (vs. purchased) CPMs & Reach/ Frequencies, determine campaign ROI and serve as a benchmark for future planning.”

OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis is an extension of Carroll Media’s 20 year old pre-ride and post-buy audit services conducted for some of the largest OOH advertisers, agencies, and media buying firms. The program also addresses the critical need for accountability as defined within OAAA’s industry branding initiative developed earlier this year, and takes application of TAB’s groundbreaking OOH Ratings from merely planning metrics to actual post buy performance measures.

Ray Rotolo , COO, PosterscopeUSA agrees: “OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis is another positive step in OOH’s evolution toward becoming a truly measurable and accountable medium on par with TV, print, etc. It brings a dose of “reality” into performance and ROI measurement.”

And unlike other media that rely on small sample sizes to determine ratings, CMS typically audits from 50-100% of a client’s OOH campaign so the results are both more reliable and expandable. Also, advertisers using OOH media that is not TAB audited can utilize the OutdoorAdTrak Posting Analysis program as long as impressions are the basis for determining audience estimates and rates.

Established in 1993, Carroll Media Services Inc. provides third party audits, quality control, and custom research in the Outdoor Advertising, Promotions, and In-Store, Retail and Movie industries. With 140 field representatives stationed throughout US and Canada, CMS also maintains the outdoor’s industry’s largest image database (OutdoorAdVault) and serves a diverse roster of blue chip companies.

Taking Outdoor Advertising Accountability to the Next Level

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Company Spotlight – Merge Healthcare

Merge Healthcare automated blood pressure health stations offer static advertising in over 15,000 blood pressure kiosks located in the pharmacies at most major retailers. The largest retail network partners are CVS, SuperValu, Publix, Kmart and Safeway. Merge has over one million “measured users” each day focused on their Health and Wellness activities, products and awareness. The Merge network of in-store kiosks have unmatched scale and reach regarding in-store integrated media.

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Merge Healthcare kiosks have two significant measures of their audience, measured users and impressions. Measured users are the number of people who participate in a blood pressure assessment. Impressions are the commonly conceived measure of impressions in a specific venue. In an average 30-day cycle Merge delivers 1,560 new measured users and 6,313 impressions. The dwell time for measured users is a minimum of 60 seconds; they are literally locked into your advertising! The 60-second dwell time is the longest of any in-store advertising program.

Previous Merge advertising partners from Proctor & Gamble, Kraft (Cadbury & Halls), Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg’s and Orange Juice (FDOC) all saw same store sales lifts during campaigns with Merge. The ability to deliver uninterrupted advertising drives home a brand’s desired call to action. With multiple panels available on the healthcare kiosk branding messages can be delivered along with calls to action. The most popular call to action is informing the kiosk user of the locations of products within the store. Users leave their wellness assessment ready and poised to walk down the nearest isle and buy your product. Here is a sample of same store sales lift provided by Merge advertising campaigns.

Test v. Control - Merge Healthcare

Source: Independent analysis of programs conducted by SPAR/Burgoyne Retail Services & MASI International

Merge is offering major price resets for Q4 2012 continuing into 2013. For full board buys that provide 100% share of voice for measured users buyers will receive a discount of 75% off rate card! At rates this low the available inventory will not last. Here is the DOmedia product profile for Merge. Send them an RFP today and deliver your brand messaging to a broad audience. Here is a by age breakdown of measured users who are representative of the US population and an even gender split.

Age Breakdown - Merge Healthcare

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Life Time Fitness Media in the DOmedia Company Spotlight

Life Time Fitness MediaLife Time Fitness Media has launched two new networks that will span across more than 40 states and generate further viewership from the hard to reach, highly desirable college student and health minded audiences. The new additions of the College Network and Healthy Lifestyle Media Network will provide companies national and regional coverage through four integrated media platforms: full motion sight and sound TV, Digital Signage, Static posters, and sampling. “No other media company offers a combination of these mediums across an entire network in this many states,” stated Thomas Link, vice president of Life Time Fitness Media. “No other media company offers access to both of these attractive audiences, managed by just one company,” continued Link.

Because of the new Healthy Lifestyle Network, companies can now advertise their brands and products in fitness centers that garner over 200,000,000 visits annually. While the new network can vaunt its access to 400 fitness centers in 45 states, it can also pride itself for obtaining a direct relationship with affluent consumers in the country’s largest markets. High traffic associated with an upscale audience constitutes a great media buy.

Life Time Fitness MediaThe College Network is a new network that secures a relationship with a distinct source of consumers: college students. By producing a media program across the College Network in 100 colleges and universities across the country, Life Time Fitness Media has developed a way for advertisers to create a constant connection with current and future spenders. As incoming students try to avoid the freshman fifteen, companies and brands can market their products designed for one of the country’s most influential buying powers.

Full motion televisions and digital signage present content tailored for these new, distinct networks. Students will be able to view school updates and athletics schedules while absorbing digital ads. Members at our fitness centers improve their workouts by watching music videos, club news, and schedules for group fitness classes; intermediately, companies promote their brand ads, custom content or sponsored content.

Life Time Fitness MediaTheir original network, the continuously growing Life Time Fitness Media Network, has established itself as the leading innovative media outlet that presents the most extensive integration and experiential advertising of any media network. A number of companies have experienced success while taking advantage of Life Time Fitness Network’s resources. Motorola’s S10, for example, witnessed a sales increase of 70% during their program that utilized platforms like in-club posters, in-club digital signage, and on-site product trial.

All of the Life Time Fitness Media networks are Arbitron audited and companies receive detailed reports that reflect the proof of performance.