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Release Notes – 12/4: Anonymized Vendors

james bond barrel gifToday, the DOmedia team is proud to announce the latest round of improvements to our industry leading software. We’re calling it the For Buyer Eyes Only release to highlight a long-requested change to our map-sharing features; buyers can now choose to anonymize vendors when sharing maps.

Of course, the R&D department has packed a lot more into this little release than that. Proof-of-performance is now available on the maps, users can adjust the number of fixed columns in tables and map tables now display the most recent user to edit each map. Did we also equip this release with a laser-firing watch and a bagpipe flamethrower? We are not at liberty to disclose that.

Read on to see the full list of changes and upgrades, for queen and country!

anonymous vendor screenshot



  • It is no longer necessary to add a brand when creating campaigns and campaign-based RFPs.
  • Buyers can now choose to anonymize vendors when sharing maps
  • Default fields on the map are now more streamlined and relevant to each location
  • Buyers can now add a custom logo to their DOmedia account. It will replace the DOmedia logo in the top left corner of the app.
  • Start dates in RFPs can now be prior to the current date, no flux capacitor required.
  • Structured fields in RFP template management can now be either required or optional.

Buyers & Sellers

  • Company profile pages now load faster than ever. Has science gone too far?
  • Map tables now include a header showing who last edited each map.
  • Radii around locations are now circled (not shaded) and annotated with the distance of the radius.
  • Photosheets are now viewable on maps.
  • Measuring point-to-point distance on the map no longer creates extra dots. Dots great news!
  • Proof-of-performance photos can now be added to maps.
  • Tables have been upgraded. They now feature smoother scrolling, the ability to select the number of fixed columns and a sunny new outlook on life.
  • Email addresses in vendor contact information are now hyperlinked.

Release Notes – 9/15: Mapping 3.0 + More

She_s_All_That_Stairs_SceneToday, the DOmedia team is proud to announce version three of our OOH mapping technology: the She’s All That upgrade.

Your maps are still smart and capable, but now they have the looks to match.

Of course, it takes more than an upgraded UI to win Prom Queen. Take note Freddie Prinze, Jr: it’s what’s inside that really counts. That’s why we’ve also made inventory photos available directly within the map. Check out the pics below to see for yourself. Or, scroll past these beautiful screenshots to see what else is new.



Other Improvements for Buyers:

  • Drop down menus in contract creation now display the correct number of brands.  – 1507
  • Tables now receive daily Omega-3s to prevent data loss during client list creation.  – 1736
  • New! Contract terms can now be assigned by client.  – 2017
  • In honor of Sweetest Day, users at different companies can now edit maps together.  – 2078
  • Updating shared maps no longer prevents users from editing idea folders and client location lists. – 1765 & 1766
  • Client management screens will now display clients as intended. – 2063
  • Removing client location lists from the map will now also remove their radii. – 2035
  • Missing ZIP code labels have been found and disciplined. – 1901
  • Location radius shading will now be ON by default when using client location lists. – 2040

Other Improvements for Sellers:

  • In honor of National Sarcastic Month, Sellers who elect to “receive all notices” totally won’t see all notices on their RFP dashboard. (Just kidding, you will!)  – 2074
  • Downloading the proposal grid outputs a more streamlined set of fields. – 2039
  • Toggling off client locations lists now also removes their radii. – 2061

Updates to the Media Data Table

Our tech team has been hard at work making improvements to the functionality and appearance of the Media Data Table in the RFP process. Below is a list of updates and a screenshot to show the enhancements we have made on the Media Data Table within the RFP process.

  • (New) Frozen rows and columns are now more visually apparent
  • (New) Ability to resize all rows and columns within the table
  • (Updated) The autocomplete fields have scrolling built into them
  • (Updated) Improved scrolling experience throughout the Media Data Table
  • (New) Validation errors are now grouped by column

For more information on how to use the Media Data Table, go to our support center »

Latest Enhancements to DOmedia

Latest Enhancements Header

Comprehensive Search

DOmedia has the largest out-of-home database, which means that searching on DOmedia is robust and comprehensive. Agency planners and buyers can search over 940 media sellers and over 500,000 media assets.

  • Perform broad, multi-market searches or hyper-local, proximity targeting searches based on the needs of clients
  • DOmedia’s database is integrated with the TAB data cloud
  • TAB data is available to every TAB member user at no incremental cost and provides the ability to calculate OOH TRP, GRP, Reach and Frequency
  • Search and RFP are seamlessly integrated with DOmedia’s interactive mapping application that was built through a partnership with Google. The integration provides workflow efficiencies during planning, buying and campaign analysis.

Interactive Mapping

DOmedia’s interactive mapping application allows seller and buyer users to visualize vendor inventory, proposals, client locations, & competitor locations quickly and easily. Continue reading →

New Features & Enhancements on DOmedia

New Website Design / Wider View

New DOmedia Homepage UIOur primary focus is on the functionality and effectiveness of the DOmedia platform to impact the out-of-home industry.  With new functions such as the media data table in the RFP platform, it was time to widen the website and take further steps to improve the user experience on the website – hence the new look on DOmedia!

Along with the wider screen size and the re-designed user interface, we have also made it easier to navigate through our system. New navigation bars and distinct calls-to-action on the pages help guide the users through the DOmedia platform.

Ease of Use

Throughout the website, we have made strides to reduce the amount of time to complete tasks within the system and create an easier way to input data into fields.  One example of this is seen with the new auto-complete function built into our drop down items on the website.

Below you will see an example of the auto-complete function on the DOmedia search page:
Search Autofill

Added New Categories for Inventory & Search

Our system now recognizes two new categories, Digital Audio Networks and OOH Media Buying Services, for inventory items (for sellers) and marketplace searches (for buyers).  Below are the descriptions of each category.

Digital Audio Networks reach consumers out-of-home in venues such as retail stores and gas stations with high quality, digital broadcasts delivered at or near point-of-purchase.

OOH Media Buying Services can help customers interested in OOH media, but also want some help evaluating the different formats and guiding them through ad creation to execution.  These services include media consultants and reps who have experience working with many different media companies to fully implement ad campaigns.

Not sure if you fit into one of those categories? Email our client services team at for help!

Enhancements to the Media Data Table

Within the media data table on the RFP proposal, we have upgraded tool to include a number of features to improve the speed and effectiveness of the proposal tool.

You can sort by any column in the media data table to help you organize the data as in proposals. Simply click on the header in the column you would like to sort by and watch the magic happen!

Media Data Table Sort

Formatting in the media data table received a number of changes, as well. We have created the date picker within the start and end date columns, added conditional formatting for cells with incorrectly formatted data, and froze the left most columns when you scroll to the right in the media data table.  All of these enhancements save you time, and help you generate an appealing proposal for the buyer.

What are your thoughts? Do you have suggestions for improvements?

Functionality and ease-of-use are the points of emphasis at DOmedia. We want to make the media buying and selling process easier for our users. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!