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Latest Enhancements to DOmedia

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Comprehensive Search

DOmedia has the largest out-of-home database, which means that searching on DOmedia is robust and comprehensive. Agency planners and buyers can search over 940 media sellers and over 500,000 media assets.

  • Perform broad, multi-market searches or hyper-local, proximity targeting searches based on the needs of clients
  • DOmedia’s database is integrated with the TAB data cloud
  • TAB data is available to every TAB member user at no incremental cost and provides the ability to calculate OOH TRP, GRP, Reach and Frequency
  • Search and RFP are seamlessly integrated with DOmedia’s interactive mapping application that was built through a partnership with Google. The integration provides workflow efficiencies during planning, buying and campaign analysis.

Interactive Mapping

DOmedia’s interactive mapping application allows seller and buyer users to visualize vendor inventory, proposals, client locations, & competitor locations quickly and easily.

  • Maps can be securely shared with clients and across agency teams
  • Location level details are accessible with a single click, which means agency users can compare individual vendor assets
  • Client and competitor locations can be added to a map during all stages of the planning and buying process

RFP Management

DOmedia’s RFP application manages OOH RFPs faster, smarter, and better at all stages of a campaign life cycle.

  • Standardized but client flexible RFP templates ensure consistent, quality data that drives in-depth reporting
  • Compile, compare, and download vendor proposals to ensure clients are receiving the best value for each and every campaign
  • Workflow efficiencies let agency users receive more vendors bids per RFP, which increases negotiation power and drives down the cost of media

Integrated Reporting

DOmedia’s automated Reporting tool gives our agency users and their clients greater insight into the value delivered for all campaigns

  • Automated Reporting displays CPM by Market, Format, and Vendor
  • Analytics tools digest vendor proposals and automates data quality assurance
  • Customizable Reporting is available on an individual client and campaign basis

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