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Submedia: Interactive displays that actually move with you

In today’s world, ads are everywhere. To be effective and catch the eye of consumers, an ad has to bring a little something extra to the table, give people a reason to notice. Submedia’s recent campaigns for Dasani water and Coca-Cola did just that, literally stopping people in their tracks.

It’s rare to find ads that people get excited about. That’s why Submedia’s work is always so effective. They bring advertising that is fresh, innovative & entertaining. Take the Dasani and Coke campaigns, for example. Using storefronts, Submedia created 3D interactive displays that actually moved with passersby. In that way, they not only caught attention, but actually got people interacting with the ads… to the point that some were even running up and down the sidewalk. Well done, Submedia! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Find out more about Submedia’s walking motion picture displays and more.

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