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Collecting Intel

It would be difficult for any large company, let alone a $54 billion tech company, to enter the digital signage space without making a splash.

There’s no doubt that Intel has its eye on the Digital OOH prize.  Whether they choose to operate as a ‘branded ingredient’ for hardware companies, or embed themselves elsewhere in the value-chain, one thing is certain..  Intel wants to play, they want to play with winners, and they want to grow their way into a dominant market position…

Although Intel is clearly working on their digital signage strategy and accompanying business model, they were certainly not in “stealth mode” based on their presence at the DSE.

Here is a smart vending concept that made the trip.

Intel Smart VendingIntel Smart Vending 1









To the established software companies, Intel can reasonably be seen as a powerful competitor, technology enabler, exit partner, or some combination of the three.

Given their size and GE-esque reputation for wanting to be #1 in each vertical, CEO and CFO blood pressures are on the rise!Intel Healthcare Concept

What are Intel’s intentions for entering digital signage / digital ooh?

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