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Top 5 Tweets from #DSE2012

The Digital Signage Twitterverse was abuzz at DSE 2012.

Although tweet-volume was down a bit from last year, the explosion of integrated screens on the show floor made for a rich social experience for attendees and exhibitors.  It seemed like every booth had a live-stream.  During one 5 minute span I was able to immortalize my twitter handle on a half-dozen unique displays.

Twitter Live-Steam by X20 at DSE 2012






Personal vanity aside (for a moment!).. this is a clear signal that network operators, software, and content-providers are recognizing and harnessing the power of social.

Here’s my list of the 5 most insightful, observant, and down-right sexy tweets from #DSE2012…

5) @dhuelsermann — After almost 7y in the industry and reviewing the impressions from #dse2012, the #DigitalOOH industry still haven’t done their homework.

Not sure what Herr Huelsermann is referring to.. but who doesn’t love a little schadenfreude to kick-off our list?

4) @NEOCAST — My post-mortem on #DSE2012: A Show of Strength http://bit.ly/wYMNlD #digitalsignage

Smart, steady, observant.. quality recap and classy post from DOfave – Ken Goldberg.

3) @DailyDOOH — DailyDOOH leaves lost Lost Wages with no money, lots of gossip, full bellies, NASCAR stickers and a lawsuit http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/64059 #dse2012

The folks at DailyDOOH sure do know how to write a compelling – albeit cheeky – headline!

2) @stephenrandall — #DSE2012 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. My impressions. http://ow.ly/9DB4n #DOOH

Randall is the Delphic Oracle of DOOH + Mobile.  Best breakout session of the conference featured Stephen, Dave Haynes and David Weinfeld.

1) @BlueBite — Great photo with @AdamNMalone from @DOmedia: http://twitpic.com/8vl9ll Thanks again @presetgroup! Until the next DSE! #DSE2012

Shout-out to Preset for sponsoring the Tuesday night festivities.  The camera must have been enjoying the free drinks.. because there’s no way those 4 are THAT attractive from a sober lens!

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