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Integrating Mobile & Digital Place Based Campaigns

One of the most talked about trends in the out-of-home industry is the rising use of mobile media. Despite the tremendous growth of mobile over the last several years, the industry has yet to agree upon how to integrate with OOH campaigns. One way advertisers are integrating is the placement of QR Codes in their existing OOH media. The QR Code directs the consumer to a mobile-optimized landing page with a call to action. Multiple industry studies have shown that QR Codes are scanned by 10-15% of smartphone users. Another nascent mobile ad execution is augmented reality (AR). It is an emerging media that lays an artificial, interactive layer over the actual view of the surrounding environment, as seen through a phone’s camera. AR offers new ways for brands to interact with consumers but it is not yet widely used by advertisers and few consumers are aware of its capabilities. While these emerging mobile media technologies are exciting, sometimes it’s easier to reach the consumer using methods that are more widely used and accepted. An example is the sponsorship of mobile hotspots, integrating a mobile-activated landing page that delivers advertising in conjunction with Dpb campaigns.

ATM Media Network is a DOmedia marketplace participant that has multiple networks of ATM’s, including top-mounted LCD screens, and  mobile Touchpoints (internet hotspots served via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). They have over 59,000 locations across the US in venues such as Barnes & Noble and McDonald’s. In their recent campaign for The Economist and The New York Times, ATM Media Network served mobile ads via internet Touchpoints on the Barnes & Noble college network, targeting a demographic that seeks to be connected at all times. The Touchpoints are hardware affixed to the ATM units, allowing the client to reach ATM users and anyone up to 200 feet away wishing to use the sponsored Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. After connecting to the network, the bookstore consumer was taken to a landing page where they had to stay for a set amount of time while the client’s ads displayed.

To see an active demo of the landing page click here.

In a world of emerging media that offers augmented reality and specialized apps, a simple approach to a Dpb campaign with mobile integration can be easily executed. A proof of performance report from The Economist and The New York Times campaign may be downloaded below. In less than 6 weeks, the campaign generated 86,451 Wi-Fi page views and Bluetooth opt-ins. Integrating mobile as part of the media mix offers many new opportunities. It can be executed with relative ease as a supplement to Dpb campaigns and can deepen the So-Mo-Lo experience between the brand and the consumer.

View ATM Media Network’s DOmedia Profile View Campaign Report

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