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The Newest OOH Media Vendors In July

This July, DOmedia added 21 new media companies to the Out-of-Home Advertising Marketplace. From traditional and digital bulletins to digital networks, from the point-of-sale to mobile experiences and augmented reality, these media companies offer innovative ways to reach the consumer in a variety of venues and formats. Keep reading to learn more about what they offer and request a free quote today from their DOmedia profiles.

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DOmedia Adds 5 New Out-of-Home Media Sellers

This week DOmedia announces the addition of 5 new out-of-home media sellers to the marketplace. These newest DOmedia participants bring new opportunities to the categories of digital video ad networks, mobile experience, subway/rail, taxis, permanent bulletins, and digital billboards. These media companies have diverse offerings in markets across the US, and are ready to execute your next campaign. Read more to learn about each new media vendor and view their DOmedia profile to request a free quote today.

ZioskOverdrive MediaBeech Outdoor Advertising

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10 New Media Sellers Available for Your Next Campaign

DOmedia welcomes 10 new media sellers to the largest marketplace for traditional, alternative, and  digital out-of-home media. Our newest additions include traditional, digital and mobile bulletins, transit media, digital video ad networks, Pay Per Click advertising, and social media mobile apps. From the traditional to the most groundbreaking strategy, you can find the media opportunities to make your next campaign a success through DOmedia.

Diesel OutdoorAervaScreenreach

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Integrating Mobile & Digital Place Based Campaigns

One of the most talked about trends in the out-of-home industry is the rising use of mobile media. Despite the tremendous growth of mobile over the last several years, the industry has yet to agree upon how to integrate with OOH campaigns. One way advertisers are integrating is the placement of QR Codes in their existing OOH media. The QR Code directs the consumer to a mobile-optimized landing page with a call to action. Multiple industry studies have shown that QR Codes are scanned by 10-15% of smartphone users. Another nascent mobile ad execution is augmented reality (AR). It is an emerging media that lays an artificial, interactive layer over the actual view of the surrounding environment, as seen through a phone’s camera. AR offers new ways for brands to interact with consumers but it is not yet widely used by advertisers and few consumers are aware of its capabilities. While these emerging mobile media technologies are exciting, sometimes it’s easier to reach the consumer using methods that are more widely used and accepted. An example is the sponsorship of mobile hotspots, integrating a mobile-activated landing page that delivers advertising in conjunction with Dpb campaigns.

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Emerging Media Categories Added to DOmedia

Emerging Media Categories on DOmedia

This week we released exciting new features to DOmedia which expands our marketplace to include emerging media categories!

We’ve added new categories in DOfind to help you find the latest advertising opportunities and next cool company for your ad campaign. Emerging media such as mobile and social advertising is rapidly converging with other media and advertisers have been demanding it. Use DOmedia to stay up to date on emerging media and find innovative media partners for your next ad campaign.

Have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, but not exactly how? We’ve added a Managed Services category with world-renowned experts in their fields.  These companies can help you with strategic planning, procurement, ad-placement, campaign optimization and post-campaign analysis services.

Check out the new categories & how they breakdown.

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