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Emerging Media Categories Added to DOmedia

Emerging Media Categories on DOmedia

This week we released exciting new features to DOmedia which expands our marketplace to include emerging media categories!

We’ve added new categories in DOfind to help you find the latest advertising opportunities and next cool company for your ad campaign. Emerging media such as mobile and social advertising is rapidly converging with other media and advertisers have been demanding it. Use DOmedia to stay up to date on emerging media and find innovative media partners for your next ad campaign.

Have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, but not exactly how? We’ve added a Managed Services category with world-renowned experts in their fields.  These companies can help you with strategic planning, procurement, ad-placement, campaign optimization and post-campaign analysis services.

Check out the new categories & how they breakdown.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Image by Blue Bite

Mobile Marketing allows advertisers to reach potential consumers when they are on-the-go; producing, consuming or sharing information via connected devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. These companies can help you connect with customers individually by integrating mobile advertising into your next ad campaign.

Mobile Advertising & Technology Categories:

  • Gaming / Promotions
  • Reach Media (SMG / MMS / Display)
  • Location-Based (QR / NFC / Blue Tooth)
  • Mobile Experience (Web / In-App / Rich Media)

Social Media

Social Media

Image by GotCast

By incentivizing users to like, tweet, follow, fan or otherwise share your marketing message or promotion, Social Media Marketing is a powerful method for turning customers into brand advocates. These companies are experts in social media and can create buzz for your next product.

Social Media Categories:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media Apps

Cinema Advertising


Image by National Cinemedia Networks (NCM)

We’ve separated Cinema Advertising into its own category broken down into both On-Screen and In-Lobby. This category includes national cinema networks that represent thousands of locations as well as independent, niche cinemas in highly desirable markets.

Cinema Advertising Categories:

  • On-Screen
  • In-Lobby



This category includes everything related to advertising technology. Ad:Tech embodies those products and services that are added to existing media properties in order to make them “sizzle”.  Add a twitter-feed to your digital place-based campaign, another layer of targeting via facial-recognition technology, or NFC tags to enable mobile payments just to name a few!

Managed Services

Managed Services

Image by InnerWorkings

Have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, but not exactly how?  DOmedia’s Managed Services partners are world-renowned experts in their fields.  They would be happy to help you with strategic planning, procurement, ad-placement, campaign optimization and post-campaign analysis. Today, you can request a competitive quote from InnerWorkings, a leader in printing, production and promotional services.

Managed Services Categories:

  • Production / Printing Services
  • Promotional Item Services

Check out DOfind and search the new Mobile, Social, Ad:Tech & Managed Services categories to find the next innovative media for your ad campaign today.

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