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Top 3 Sales Trends for 2013

Sales Trends1. Instant Access to Solutions
In 2013 the Web will make salespeople more, not less important. Buyers are turning to the Internet to find solutions. What this phenomenon has done is created a new set of expectations amongst customers. Today, advertisers expect more from salespeople. They expect sales reps to be experts of their business and act as managers protecting their interests within the sales organization. Those salespeople and companies that are not easily accessible or take too long to respond won’t have a chance. Have your information readily available for buyers to access on the DOmedia website. Don’t make them chase you down for information.

2. Expert Sellers
Today, customers need expertise from salespeople. They need something of value added to the sales process. Adding value to the sales relationship protects against commoditization. Let go of the day to day tasks, and simplify your sales process so that your communication is more meaningful than ‘€œthat board isn’t available’€. Make your interactions meaningful so that your conversations are about strategy and creative. In 2013, you will see the expert salesperson gain credibility and effectiveness. They need expertise and focus as well as the ability to communicate in order to help the customer solve their problems, pains and challenges. DOmedia takes the mundane day-to-day sales tasks out of the conversation, so you can focus on real solutions for your clients.

3. Overcoming True Objections
First of all, do not call them objections. They are barriers. These are perception problems. What’s keeping you from getting your customer to perceive value in your products or services? Is it price, service, quality? Chances are you have already encountered these barriers from other clients. You already know what the barriers are going to be.

There are certain barriers you will always face. No matter what you say, you will not overcome these barriers because it is not what you say to the customer, it is what the customer perceives that creates the barrier. So, how do you overcome the perception? Client testimonials are the best way to breakdown the barriers.

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