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Milk: A Great Source of Protein, Calcium, & . . . Trips to Italy?

view_thumbnail_cream.jpgNo use crying over spilt milk . . . except when it can cut you a deal on flights to Italy!  Expedia, the online travel provider, has come up with a unique and somewhat subtle way to advertise its flight deals to Italy from Germany.  By teaming up with coffee shop Deli Star, Expedia is targeting German travelers by utilizing cappuccino’€”which is, after all, Italian at its core. By holding stencils over the cappuccino milk foam and sprinkling chocolate powder, Deli Star workers created surprisingly legible’€”and effective’€”travel offers.  Paper coasters placed under the cups gave further details on the travel deals and provided additional branding exposure for Expedia.  Talk about ordering a coffee to go. . .view_thumbnail_cream-1.jpg

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