Campaigns Vote “YES” on OOH in 2016

2016 has been one of the strangest election seasons to date, including the way candidates have gone about campaigning. As voters are spending more time on the go and less time watching television ads, campaign managers have had to find new to reach voters and hold their attention. OOH has become one of the primary ways to do so.

Campaign advertising has moved far beyond the TV screen, and their various forms can allow for specific targeting and reach, important elements when trying to sway voters. A pro-Trump PAC posted billboards in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that specifically targeted Amish voters — a particularly difficult group to reach. Candidates and their campaigns spend millions on advertising in election seasons. Interestingly enough, however, the Trump campaign didn’t spend a single dollar on television ads until late-August. Any commercials encouraging people to vote in favor of Trump were put together and funded by outside support groups. However Trump’s campaign did invest in other forms of advertising, possibly recognizing the increasing trend of voters not being reached by television.

Even third party candidates have jumped aboard the out-of-home train. Gary Johnson’s supporters spent more than 20% of their July earnings on advertisements, with a significant amount of that being spent on signage alone. OOH can be even more essential to third-party candidates, assisting them with getting their names into the conversation and faces into the general public. Third-party candidates also find OOH media favorable because its CPM, is considerably lower than that of television advertising.

Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre interviewed our own Ken Sahlin about out-of-home media and it’s effects on the 2016 election season.


#VideoEverywhereSummit Gives Glimpse Into New York Digital Signage Week

As part of NYDSW, the Digital Place-Based Advertising Agency put on the Video Everywhere Summit on October 27th. The hashtag #VideoEverywhereSummit on Twitter gives us an inside look into the event and its speakers’ insight on digital out-of-home media.


The Video Everywhere Summit was once again the most attended event at NYDSW, and the entire week continues to increase in popularity and attendance. We’re excited to see so much interest and enthusiasm in the OOH media industry and are looking forward to more growth and innovation.

New York Digital Signage Week: 5 Events You Can’t Miss

This week, the Ministry of New Media is presenting the 5th annual New York Digital Signage Week at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. Coming off of its most successful year yet, NYDSW once again boasts an incredible lineup of events, speakers, and networking opportunities centered around out of home media and its advancements. If you’re an OOH media nerd like us you’ll know there’s too much to do in just one week, so we found the top 5 can’t miss events.

  1. AVNation Live at Times Square Podcast

    When: Monday, October 24th, 2-4 PM

    Where: YouTube (or scroll down)

    Using Daktronics’ office which overlooks Times Square, AVNation will be hosting a podcast speaking with various leaders in the digital signage, out of home media, and audio/video industries on a range of relevant topics in their fields. Watch the podcast below.

        2) BARCO Media Lab Session

    When: Monday, October 24, 4-7 PM

    Where: Barco Demo Center, 9th Floor, 26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

    The official kickoff of NYDSW, global tech company BARCO is holding a reception and presentation featuring keynote speaker Dave Etherington, Chief Strategic Officer of Intersection, the largest municipal media company in the US. He’ll be discussing branding and advertisements and their roles in the ever evolving cityscape. The networking opportunity and buffet are added perks.

        3) Increasing Cross-Platform Impact with OOH

    When: Tuesday, October 25, 8:30-11 AM

    Where: Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street (Park Avenue)

    Hosted by The Advertising Research Foundation, this star-studded speaker series focuses on the growing importance of OOH media in today’s markets and new tech in the field. The event features speakers such as Elliott Waldron, VP of Analytics at Placed and Dan Levi, EVP and CMO at Clear Channel Outdoor. Fun perk: breakfast is included.

        4) Video Everywhere Summit

    When: Thursday, October 27, 8 AM-6 PM

    Where: Roosevelt Hotel 45 East 45th Street & Madison Avenue, New York City

    The largest and most attended event of NYDSW, the Video Everywhere Summit presented by Digital Place-Based Advertising Agency is an absolute can’t miss. The day is comprised of networking, panels and key speakers addressing various topics including digital OOH. Speakers include Alan Schulman, Director of Brand Creative and Content Marketing at Deloitte Digital, Doug Ray, CEO at Carat, and Heather Dumford, Marketing Director at conAgra. Breakfast, coffee and cocktails are provided, in addition to sweet messenger bags from us at DOmedia.

        5) Xlab Conference

    When: Friday, October 28, 8:00 AM-7:30 PM

    Where: SVA Theater 333 W 23rd St, New York

    To wrap up New York Digital Signage Week, SEGD is presenting the Xlab Conference. Titled “The Intersection of Physical and DIgital” this year’s focus is the impact of technoogical progress on media, digital signage, and digital OOH. The Xlab Conference features key speakers such as George Burciaga of, Chad Huston of Leviathan, and Wilson Brown of Antfood There are also tours and workshops presented by Xlabs the day before the conference.

    BONUS: Rocktober ‘016*

    When: Thursday, October 27 6:30-10:30 PM

    Where: SAMSUNG 837, 837 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014

    A fun, casual side event, Rocktober ‘016 hosted by Show+Tell is a night of food, drinks and music, with a Samsung virtual reality experience as a plus. Watch C-level executives belt out tunes during Big Wig Karaoke while enjoying a drink as a prelude to the Xlab Conference.

    *This event is by invitation only.

    New York Digital Signage Week is important to the industry and we love to see so much excitement. DOmedia will be on the ground giving you the best of NYDSW. Keep up on all of the action by following us on Twitter.

    For more details on NYDSW visit

OOH News: Oreo

Oreo recently launched a new ad campaign for their new Choco Chip cookies — a mysterious Oreo door that appeared in Los Angeles. The brand’s new “Wonder Vault” installation, created by 360i, Weber Shandwick and Momentum, features rooms where everything is oversized to make adults feel like kids again.

The OOH campaign also included components such as Twitter Moments and geo-targeted snapchat filters to continue the conversation online. One of the filters could be accessed within the Wonder Vault and another within a mile radius.

The campaign also included two other elements—a launch video (see below), which will run on digital and social, taking fans on a journey back home to their childhood. There was also a week-long sweepstakes on Twitter where users could personalize a pre-populated tweet for a chance to win a set of Oreo Cookie Jars and two packs of Choco Chip flavored Oreos.

The brand had this to say about the new cookie:

“The new cookie is a combination of two childhood classics: Oreo and chocolate chip. Together they become a beacon of home, evoking simple childhood memories of wonder and ease.”

Great job by Oreo and the rest of the team that came up with this creative and exciting campaign!

Ads We <3 – Buzzbike


Thanks to a new OOH business model, citizens living in London can receive a free bike from a company called Buzzbike. In partnership with Cooper (creator of the Mini Cooper), Buzzfeed will provide the bike, lock, lights and insurance—all for a £100 deposit (about $145).

The bikes can be branded by whatever advertisers want to be seen streetside. This model has also been brought to the U.S., where an entire fleet of New York Bikes are sponsored by Citi

It can be hard on those living in major cities around the world to pay for transportation, riders who commit to ride their bikes to work for a minimum of 12 days a month and park it on the street can save a lot of money.

DOmedia loves to see creative ways OOH advertising is helping make transportation more affordable in big cities. Great job, Buzzbike!