Ads we <3 – Snickers

snickers picClean, simple and well-done billboards can be some of the best works of advertising. But when an OOH ad combines with technology and humor, the ad is bound to be widely successful.

Cue Snickers. Their recent digital billboard in NYC features Marilyn Monroe’s personal take on Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. The board, created by BBDO Worldwide, incorporates a facial recognition camera that identifies pedestrians’ prolonged gaze. Marilyn, grumpy from the rude stares, morphs into William Dafoe – a shocking, yet humorous, transformation. See the hilarious video below:

DOmedia loves to see the seamless integration of timeless humor and copy with modern technology. Nicely done, Snickers!

Red White & Billboards

giphy (2)Fourth of July weekend is here! Family cookouts, sunshine and fireworks are just a few Independence Day traditions. Some of the world’s most popular brands proudly utilize iconic American imagery in their patriotic advertising for summer campaigns. In honor of America’s birthday, here are five USA-lovin’ companies:

Budweiser – No surprise here! Budweiser consistently sports red, white and blue packaging and frequently features other American images, such as the Statue of Liberty. The brand stepped it up this summer by temporarily changing their name toAmerica. Raise an America to America, Americans!  


Coca-Cola – For years, Coke has utilized patriotic advertising ranging from the armed forces to the Olympics, but their newest campaign might be their most patriotic yet. Coke has released limited-edition cans and cases that read, “I’m proud to be an American.” Yes we can!

coke proud

Levi-Strauss – The clothing company has been around since 1873, featuring blue denim, and a red and white logo tag. The jeans practically scream “America!” Levi’s first global campaign “Go Forth” is a great example of the American-loving ads Levi’s has produced during their 143 years of business. USA! USA!


Old Navy – Every American has either worn, been forced to wear or forced a child to wear Old Navy’s classic American flag t-shirt. You can’t celebrate the 4th of July without one. Land of the free and home of the American flag t-shirt!

old navy

We love America. The DOmedia team wishes you and your family a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

New Media Mapping Features: A Slam Dunk

Cleveland recently proved that hard work can pay off big, even after a long slump. But, maybe you need an extra push to get your next win.  Our new mapping enhancements will amp up your game!  Once again, DOmedia has improved its mapping tool significantly, and it is bringing even more value to our customers.  With competition in out-of-home ever increasing, mapping could be your differentiator. Here’s what’s new:
1. Not having to worry when you haven’t had time to upload all of your asset images — mapping can now pull images directly from Google Street View!
2. Impressing your clients by having your logo look ‘ballin’ in a map pin
3. Making your asset locations easier to view when they are located very close to one another
Whatever your need, DOmedia mapping can give you that extra boost to ensure you rise to the top!  Please see below for more details and screenshots of these new tools. We’re sure they will be for you what Lebron is for Cleveland!  Want more protips? Attend our first webinar, “Are You Pleasing Your Buyers?” on Wednesday, July 13 at 2pm. Email Our Client Services team for more information.

1. When an image is not available for a vendor’s asset, a Google Street View image will appear for that asset.

streetview mapstreetview board

2. Client logos can now be formatted to fit nicely inside of map pins.


3. When multiple units have the same latitude and longitude, markers for each location display on the map.


Technology Highlight: Auto Pull & Display TAB Demographics

giphyDOmedia’s Automatic Pull and Display feature seamlessly pulls TAB data into DOmedia’s proposal generation system. Data is directly pulled from TAB’s database into a proposal, automating the proposal process and giving sellers more time to do what matters: sell. Here are some of Automatic Pull & Display’s top features:

Personalized Proposals

Sellers are able to select multiple TAB audience demographics for the proposal. With over 100 demographics to choose from, and no limit on the amount of demographics that can be shown,  sellers can tailor their proposal to fit each buyer’s needs. Sellers can also select the number of weeks per cycle, ranging from one to four weeks, allowing even more personalization.


Sellers have the option to include CPM. Sellers can quantify the value of each board by utilizing CPM, making selling just a little bit easier.

Compare by Week

Sometimes buyers request a comparison of impressions and CPMs by week. The tool compares two week lengths in a proposal. Ultimately, this automatically separates and compares data without requiring sellers to do any manual work reducing the possibility of user error and saving valuable time.

Updated Data

No more dealing with out-of-date data! DOmedia is integrated with TAB’s  Audience Demographic database.  All data is the most recent TAB data available.

User Friendly

Because Auto Pull & Display is within the Proposal Generation system, the proposal can be viewed by anyone – including agencies not yet registered in the DOmedia system. Sellers have the ability to share a unique link by email. Sellers can continue to propose in DOmedia, no matter the buyer, creating a more efficient way to win business.

Easy to Read

Once pulled, the TAB Data is neatly organized in an easy-to-read grid. Buyers who are not familiar with DOmedia have no trouble reading and understanding the data, eliminating any learning curve.

Changes Welcomed  

Auto Pull & Display is never set in stone. Sellers can change any part of the proposal and it is reflecting in real time to anyone with access.  

If you are interested in learning more about pulling TAB data into your next proposal, click here to learn more or schedule a demo!

#MECatCannes Delivers Great Social Media From Cannes

MEC, one of the world’s leading media agencies, gives the world an inside look at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Twitter. Their hashtag, #MECatCannes, gives us mortals a chance to see the wonderful world of advertising that is Cannes. Here are our favorites of the week:

We want to give a shout out to MEC’s sister WPP agency, Wing, on their Gold Lion win for their #Improudtobemexican outdoor campaign! Congratulations!