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ANA’s 2017 Brand Masters Conference

From February 15th to February 17th, ANA will host this year’s Brand Masters Conference in Dana Point, CA. This year’s theme is “Highly Effective Brands that Drive Results” and features speakers from companies including Intel, Allstate and Snickers. The wealth of CMOs and marketing leaders create an impressive lineup for the conference, which will focus on brand marketing strategies that bring monetizable results.

Media transparency will be discussed at length, adding a timely new dimension to the typical talk of reach and frequency. Attendants will also have the opportunity to hear stories from some of the most recognizable brands in the country and how they earned their rep.

This year’s conference has already sold out, but you can still be part of the event on twitter with the hashtag #ANABrand. For those attending, several meals are included in the package, and coffee breaks present plenty of opportunities for networking. We love seeing conferences that showcase marketing-thinkers at their best. It reminds us what’s at stake as we seek to automate the tedious OOH media buying process. The work we do today will help great adwomen and admen focus on what they do best.

Learn more at https://www.ana.net/conference/show/id/BIC-FEB17 

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Destiny Jones

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