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New Mapping Enhancements

Mapping has always been one of our most popular features. We’re happy to announce that we recently added new mapping enhancements! These enhancements should make your DOmedia experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Inventory Number as Marker Label

By popular demand, we’ve now made the marker label for mapping icons include the unit number, as opposed to a system generated unique number.



Distance Columns

We’ve added two new standard RFP template columns: Closest Location & Closest Location (mi). These columns will automatically indicate which of the client locations is closest to a proposed unit (Closest Location) and how far from that client location each unit is (Closest Location (mi)).



Mapping Coverage Report

You can now generate Excel reports to understand which client locations are well covered by proposed units and which unit covers which stores.

How many and which units cover which stores:



How many and which client locations are covered by which units:



Icon Label Sets

Custom icon color coding is now a lot more useful thanks to Icon Color Label Management. This allows you to create as many different icon color label sets as you’d like and assign them in maps. For example, you could have one label set that identifies red units as cut, yellow as in negotiation, and green as recommended. You could also have another that identifies red as Hispanic market target boards and green as general market target boards. Whichever one you select while in your map is what will show in the legend.


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