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Selling Houses? You Should Be Buying Billboards!


A Caucasian husband and wife are standing outdoors in front of their new house. There is a "sold" sign on the lawn. The real estate agent is shaking hands with the husband, and the wife looks extremely happy.

Are you a real estate agent weighing your advertising options? While you have a lot to choose from, billboards and other out-of-home advertising formats — such as bus, train, taxi, and kiosk ads — are a smart investment for both fledgling and established agents. Let’s take a look at some of the ways billboard advertising can give you a new lease on your professional life.

Stay In Budget

Much like the housing market, billboard prices can vary depending on where you are. Generally speaking, it’s safe to assume that billboards are surprisingly affordable. They’re cheaper than television, magazine, and newspaper advertising. Outdoor ads deliver the best value—in terms of cost-per-thousand impressions—of any type of advertising, including digital.

Choose Your Target Audience

Since billboards are physical ads, one of the most obvious ways to reach the people you want is to put billboards in the actual neighborhoods you are selling in. However, thanks to new technological advancements in mobile and location data, many billboard locations are now able to provide detailed demographic statistics, such as age, gender, and even household income. This ensures that you are able to reach the exact audience that you want to.

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