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Faster. Smarter. Better

Buyers RFP 2.0 DOmedia

Buyers becoming faster, smarter, and better.

DOmedia isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to use those three words to describe a new product. Our latest innovation, RFP 2.0, is the manifestation of industry leaders coming together with a shared purpose, they want to DO media better.

Faster starts with the foundation of DOmedia. Over 750 vendors and 1,000 media buyers are actively using DOmedia today. Easily searched and accessible, DOmedia provides quick access to millions of data points in ways that mirror buyers’ processes. Our RFP tools help buyers manage multiple campaigns with multiple vendors in multiple media formats. It centralizes communications and status updates while providing quick access to submitted files with a fast “download all” function. Continue reading →

Navigating through the RFP 2.0 Process

By now, most of you have seen our new version of the RFP Tool’€”RFP 2.0. We have gotten a lot of great feedback and common questions from sellers, which have assisted our development efforts. We will have an update with some new functionality, and I wanted to give you a heads up. In addition, I thought some useful tips might help you quickly navigate through the process.

Remember, the information below only refers to our DOmedia Standardized Template on Step 2, not individual templates customized and attached by the buyers.

Update Improvements
We are making some updates that should help make the process even easier for media sellers. Updates to the built-in template and dashboard will help you save a good deal of time.

The first update to the process is on the spreadsheet on Step Two. Our Standardized Template on Step Two will have a Live view, which will make the table bigger and easier to read. This will allow for easier scrolling as well.

Download All on RFP 2.0

Download all feature on RFP 2.0

Our next improvement is the new Download button that will be viewable on the dashboard after the Terms of Service are accepted. The Download button will allow users to download the entire DOmedia Standardized template (including the headers) to their computer. This file will download as a zip file and opens as one Excel file.  No more copying and pasting from the template to Excel to work on it! Also, any information that you have already entered into the template will also download into the file. This function will allow a snapshot of your spreadsheet any given time. This download file can be saved on your computer as a record of what was sent to the client. Any attachments that you add will not be downloaded, only the Standardized Template will download. Continue reading →

Drive Sales With Premium Profiles

Increasing your sales starts with more planners and buyers looking for and finding what you have to offer. Agencies are seeking media information everyday and demanding relevant data and better search results from resources like DOmedia. The challenge is in creating and maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date information to meet those needs.

New Premium Profiles are built and customized by DOmedia’s team, with information you provide, to optimize your exposure in our internal as well as all external search engines. A Premium Profile – represented as a unique category/subcategory combination – includes location level detail as well as free leads from request quote traffic. And we’ll keep your information – including locations, media kits and images – updated with a quarterly audit and incorporate any changes necessary to your profiles. Company and Basic Profiles are still free to create yourself, but the depth of information included with Premium Profiles will increase your visibility significantly:

Compare Profiles Basic Premium
Annual Pricing Free $500 per product profile
Company Contact Information & Logo
Product Profiles Appear in Search Results
Product Profile Images One Image Included Unlimited Images
Category Profiles by Market
Location Profiles  
Media Planning Information, Photosheets, Request Quote Link  
Preferred Search Result Placement  
Custom Built Media Profiles, Quarterly Updates  

Also, because planners and buyers want to know which profiles have complete planning information, Premium Profiles will include a badge differentiating them and also have preferred search result placement so they are easy to find and view.

Lastly, the annual Premium cost is also 100% rebateable against your annual RFP fees, so it can pay for itself with successful orders placed through DOmedia. See more here or contact and we’ll get you started!

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