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A Salute to Alan M. Pottasch, Pepsi’s “Generation” Adman

While not many people would recognize the name Alan M. Pottasch, there aren’t too many of us over 25 who aren’t familiar with his world-famous campaigns for Pepsi. As the cola company’s Sr. VP for Advertising from 1972 – 1991, he was the instrumental in the development of both the “Pepsi Generation” and “Pepsi. The choice of a new generation.” ad campaigns (along with agency BBDO). While I only vaguely remember the first campaign (grade school fell in there somewhere) , I have to admit I was proud to associate myself with the new (hip) generation. I may even have spent hours trying to master Michael Jackson’s and “mini Mike’s” dance moves….

And so it is with a bit of nostalgia and sadness that we must mark the passing of a “generation” and advertising legend. As you may have heard/read/seen on tv, Alan Pottasch passed away on Friday. With heavy hearts, we mourn the loss of an advertising legend who blazed new branding trails. And yet, there’s comfort in knowing that the work he started continues to be honored and laid a groundwork for the rest of us to follow.

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