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Voyeurism meets Lingerie in NYC

I ran across a posting on The Ad Mad! blog today that I have to share. As part of the Elle MacPherson Intimates branding campaign, they incorporated an interactive storefront that ran during Fashion Week in NYC.

The technology incorporates a very cool tool called the Human Locator, which tracks passers’-by movement in real time. For this application, it recognizes motion outside the window to reveal and then conceal intriguing video of a lingerie clad model. Check out the video on YouTube to see the execution (click the screen shot to view the video):


Now, I have to say that I find it interesting that it’s mostly women who stop to check out the window…either brilliant targeting by the marketing team or a male aversion to having a video camera catch them in the act. Either way, kudos to everyone involved in the execution!

Client: Elle MacPherson Intimates
Agency: Mindshare / Destination Media Group
Media Partner: Inwindow Outdoor
Technology: Human Locator

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