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Winning in New York

Just ran across this commentary posted in Media Daily News today with tips on buying outdoor media in New York City. While the author, Van Wagner Communications Eastern Division President Robert Fauser, admittedly focuses specifically on New Yorkers — their lifestyles, media consumption habits — and how to reach them, a lot of the information applies to other markets. I especially liked the following quote:

“Consider outdoor as a primary medium…People listen to their iPods or satellite radio while commuting. They watch their TiVos when they get home, and fewer are reading the newspaper or magazines. And yet as New Yorkers move about their day, outdoor advertising is right in their face. It’s unmistakable. They can’t zap it; they can’t avoid it.”

Drop in any other city for “New Yorkers” in that quote and it’s no surprise that out-of-home advertising is the second fastest growing advertising medium out there.

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