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Integrated HTC Campaign Sets Your Fingers Free

htc-tray-table.jpgFlying US Airways back from Boston yesterday, I lowered my flight tray table to reveal an interesting ad for HTC. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy (so unprepared for a former Girl Scout…), so I missed a shot of the dancing fingerprints in situ. Fortunately, MediaPost covered my faux pas by including the entire campaign elements in yesterday’s Out to Launch e-newsletter. From what I could tell, each of the three tray tables in my row demonstrated a different dance and featured different products.

Watching the TV effort definitely gives the tray table execution more context, although the in-flight advertising on its own is clever. It certainly made me want to learn more about the company and their products. Not bad, given that I had never heard of the company before.

Kudos to creative agency 180 Amsterdam and Work Tank Seattle (media buy) for giving my fingers something to do in-flight.

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