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Screenfeed Photo Trivia Channel

Screenfeed Photo Trivia Channel

About the Photo Trivia Channel
Our Photo Trivia Channel features high-definition, licensed photos and a large variety of trivia questions ranging from science, travel, celebrities, sports, nature and history. Schedule a single question in your playlist or allow our feed to run continuously – either way your viewers will be watching for the next question.

The use of great-looking licensed photos provides these benefits:

– Viewers are more likely to focus on people, objects and events they recognize visually
– Large amounts of color change and movement catch the attention of someone who is not looking at the screen
– Photos allow for additional types of questions such as identifying famous childhood photos, “which is real” or “name the following”

As compared to news or weather, our Photo Trivia content will not lose its relevance as quickly which makes it a great option for networks that don’t update their content as frequently.

For those that do update frequently we offer multiple levels of licensing to fill longer dwell times. Each trivia question is 30 seconds in duration, so 20 questions provides 10 minutes of loop time. Let us know how much time you’d like to fill and we can deliver a random set of fresh trivia to match.

For more information visit www.Screenfeed.com.

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