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Have You Seen the Agenda for DPAA’s Digital Media Summit?


If you haven’t seen the agenda yet, check it out here; it really is going to be a great day focused on digital place-based media’s ability to reach consumers at the right time, in the right place with relevant content.  The agenda has a number of topical panels with senior level speakers and some truly provocative thought leaders.

Highlights include:


  • Nancy Hill, President & CEO of the 4A’s, will provide her POV on how agencies and media provider’s best interact to bring out optimum results for clients.
  • Clay Shirky, NYU professor and frequent TED contributor,will provide his insightful views on technology’s effects on society and consumers. He’s an engaging speaker and no doubt will deliver powerful, thought provoking ideas.
  • Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities Inc.designers and builders of unique digital experiences that bridge the virtual and physical worlds, will speak to best practices in leveraging  brand insights, creative design and digital expertise.
  • No doubt, they will inspire!

Panel Discussions:

  • The Agency of Tomorrow: How do media agencies best deliver on their client’s objectives in this increasingly convergent digital world?
  • Current and Leading Edge Research Solutions: two  panels chock full of insights and learnings
  • The Intersection of Digital Place-based, mobile, and social media: How to leverage these touchpoints to most effectively address your client’s objectives
  • Successful Case Studies and more’€¦’€¦

All this, plus agencies and clients pay only $99 to attend this full day event. A pretty good deal considering that all the movers and shakers in the industry will be there.

It is for all these reasons that we will be there in force and we encourage you to join us on October 19th for the only conference that will truly help you understand how to leverage this growing medium for your brands or your client’s brands.

I look forward to seeing you there.!


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