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Product Spotlight: OOH Urbanscapes


LED Urbanscape

Image courtesy of Legends Entertainment District (Phoenix)

Urbanscapes have been around forever, but have recently begun to pop up all across the country. Urbanscapes are a great way to really impact the consumer in urban pedestrian areas. They are filled with projection images, digital and static wallscapes and sponsorship opportunities. Because urbanscapes are usually in heavy pedestrian shopping and entertainment areas, they are prime spots for promotional campaigns.

Benefits of the medium:

Urbanscape areas are very impactful. They can’t be missed, and the messages can be very targeted. Because these areas are heavily marketed, they usually have a lot of foot traffic from tourits. Many companies have implemented great promotional campaigns using these locales for social media, product giveaways and showcasing. Some urbanscapes have video capabilities allowing simulcasting video of the consumers onto video display units.

The units in these districts can make an impact just for their sheer uniqueness – giving the advertiser the ability to stand out. People in these areas are ready to be entertained.

How it is used:

Urbanscapes tend to be destination areas within the cities themselves. They entice many tourists and residents who are ready to shop in specialty stores, dine in great restaurants, or attend movies or plays.

Many different media opportunities exist in these areas including standard or digital bulletins, static or digital wallscapes, projections, street graphics, street teams, mobile trucks, inflatables, social media opportunities, street furniture, storefront displays’€¦the list goes on and on.

How it is measured:

Currently, there are not any real standard guidelines to measuring an urbanscape ad campaign, however, you may be able to incorporate street teams for surveying or sampling, or a mobile opt-in campaign to measure engagement. Traffic numbers for the traditional forms of media tend to be difficult to calculate. Using the population numbers greatly reduces the effective reach of the campaign, since they are usually heavy tourist areas.

Markets available:

For years, urbanscapes were only referred to as ‘€œTimes Square’€ or the ‘€œVegas Strip.’€ However, today, there are many of these areas emerging across the country. Some of the markets where these area are available, besides New York and Las Vegas, are Phoenix, Cleveland, Seattle, Atlantic City, Denver, Columbus OH, and Washington DC – just to name a few.

New Technology:

With so many types of media opportunities in these areas, the technology is dependent on the type of media. However, there are many more opportunities because of the advanced technology solutions available. For instance, mobile media and social media can easily be incorporated into urbanscape campaigns. Digital units can changed based on the social media conversations, and with so many retailers available, mobile media could be used to entice the pedestrians to enter their stores.

Who provides the medium:

In addition to the many non-fixed opportunities from companies providing national coverage, there are companies providing fixed static, digital, and even video (in some cases) units in these areas. Some of those companies are Branded Cities Clear Channel Outdoor and Legends Entertainment. Visit DOmedia to find available urbanscapes in your target market.

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