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5 Moments You Had to See at TAB / OAAA 2016

It’s no secret… We LOVE Out-Of-Home. And we’re happy to be with others who love OOH just as much as we do! Check out what’s happening at the OAAA #BigPic16 Conference:

Helloooooo GeoPath!

Starting September 19, TAB will be no more. The Traffic Audit Bureau announced their re-branding as GeoPath.  We’re sad to see TAB leave, but applaud this new step. GeoPath reflects the change in the OOH industry and the overall changes in audience measurement.


To Be or Not To Be?

Mike Walsh, Futurist and CEO of Tomorrow, spoke about insights on audience behavior, digital technology, and marketing. He challenged us to embrace the accelerating pace of change and ask “what can media be?” Or, more importantly, what can it not be?


The Best of the Best

We’re sure that all OOH Industry members can agree that OOH is the best. According to Gerry Graf, Founder and COO of Barton F. Graf, there is no other advertising medium that can do what OOH can do. We’re right there with ya Gerry.

Take 5

Nancy Fletcher, OAAA President and CEO, revealed five future steps the OOH industry needs to take:

  • Closely Connect OOH & Digital
  • Make OOH Easy to Plan
  • Buy & Measure
  • Make the Most of Data
  • Tell the OOH Story
  • Serve the Public Good


After hitting a new revenue peak of $7.3 billion, we are excited to see how the OOH industry can collectively grow in upcoming years.

 We keep growing and growing and growing…

OOH is the only traditional advertising medium that is showing consistent growth. OOH has experienced 23 executive quarters of growth. And it’s not going to stop there. With a bright future (literally) for digital and increasing programmatic buying, OOH is more exciting than ever before. “OOH is the only traditional ad medium exhibiting consistent growth”

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