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2017 ANA Media Conference

On March 1-3, ANA will host their fifth annual Media Conference in Orlando, Florida. Two years ago at this conference, the media transparency issue became a big story in the industry. The conference will open with a panel that continues this discussion.

OtherANA Logo points of interest include content marketing, data strategy, and influencer marketing. Attendants will hear from Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, Kristin Patrick, CMO at Pepsi, and John Nitti, Chief Media Officer at Verizon.

At DOmedia we know transparency is one of the most important issues to agencies and media buyers. Agencies use DOmedia to take campaigns from concept to completion in a single platform, ensuring all communication and data is preserved for future use. Click here to learn more about DOmedia’s tools for media transparency. It’s just one more way DOmedia is leading the way to change how OOH media is bought and sold

You can follow all of the action on Twitter at #ANAMedia.

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Destiny Jones

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