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75th Anniversary of the OBIE Awards

Image Sources: Coca Cola and Creativity

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the OBIE awards, which are hosted annually by the OAAA. Not to be confused with the Off-broadway Obie’s, OAAA’s OBIE awards recognize outstanding advertisements in a variety of industries including retail, public service, and beverage. In honor of the occasion, we’ll be looking back at some OBIE awards winners.

Coca Cola “Yes Girl”

One of the most iconic Coca-Cola billboards in history, the “Yes Girl” ad won OBIE’s first ever Best In Show award. Haddon Sundblom, one of Coca-Cola’s most successful artists, is responsible for the artwork in this piece. Sundblom is the same artist who created the modern day depiction of Santa Claus for Coca-Cola’s holiday campaign back in the 1930s, which you can read about here.

Starbucks “Port Authority Stream of Consciousness Installation”

This poster series in a New York subway station won a gold OBIE in the beverage category in 2010. Playing on the wandering mind, the posters make up a narrative of how your mind wanders on a long walk, ending with an encouragement to buy Starbucks coffee.

Dos Equis Las Vegas Mural

This mural by Dos Equis in Las Vegas earned its spot as a finalist in Individual Execution in 2013. Promising an “interesting time”, the number on the mural is to an automated machine that can respond to number and voice inputs. From bachelorette parties to otters that play blackjack, the Most Interesting Man in the World certainly lives up to his name. For the full script of his answering machine, read the story in AdWeek here.

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