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Introduction of the Bus Shelter

55 years ago, JCDecaux introduced the bus shelter. Since its creation, bus shelters have become a new medium of advertising, and companies have come up with plenty of creative bus stop campaigns.

1- Ikea

Ikea has been turning bus stops into tiny living rooms for several years now. Using comfy furniture and bright colors, they try to lighten the commute of bus riders while also promoting their products.

2- Vitaminwater

Vitaminwater installed charger ports in their bus shelter ad to give bus riders a little juice, well aware that everyone (and their electronics) occasionally needs a charge.

3- Sun Smart

Sun Smart helped to promote skin cancer awareness and prevention by creating a bus shelter ad that dispensed free SPF 30 sunscreen. Standing outside waiting for a bus, sometimes the shelter gets full and you have to stand in the sun. Thankfully outside of this bus shelter, that won’t lead to a nasty sunburn.

4- Victoria Bug Zoo

This bus shelter ad lets you get a bug’s eye view to promote the Victoria Bug Zoo. Using hundreds of magnifying lenses, the ad replicates the vision of a fly, giving an interesting new perspective while waiting for the bus that never seems to run on time.

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Destiny Jones

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