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Parking Garage Advertising

Whether they’re going to a ball game or to work, people need to park. This tends to be a challenge in busy cities with lots of people trying to find spots in the same general area. Parking garages offer multiple levels of parking, allowing many people to park in a small space.

With so many people using parking garages on a daily basis, they create a unique space for advertising. There are options for external signage, elevator wraps, internal signage, and even garage gate ads. Be sure to check out the different options below.

Exterior Signage

Parking garages are generally in busy areas with a lot of traffic. This makes them a perfect place for external signage. Billboards can be placed on the exterior walls, targeting motorists, commuters, and pedestrians. They’re also a great place for colorful murals or large building wraps.

Elevator Wraps

Since parking garages have many levels, they usually have elevators. You can wrap your logo or ad on the elevator door. Give people something other than the brass finish to stare at when they’re waiting for the elevator.

Interior Signage

Interior signage is seen by the people entering or exiting the parking garage. In major cities parking garages are used heavily by executives or influencers. They become your captive audience when looking for a spot or waiting to drive out of the garage. Interior signage comes in all shapes and sizes, including posters, backlit posters, billboards, or even banners. Completely take over a level by placing your ad all over the walls, columns, and floors.

Garage Gates

Gates are the first thing drivers will see when entering the parking garage. They are also the last thing that they will see when exiting the parking garage. Take the opportunity to make a lasting impression on them with a highly creative ad that they’ll be thinking about for days.

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