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Vendor Spotlight: Unified Products and Services

DOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the US, is constantly encountering innovative vendors. In our Vendor Spotlight series, we attempt to highlight these companies and 
explain to you how they are pushing the industry forward. Today we’re focusing on Unified Products and Services, a company that provides immersive wi-fi advertisements during the guest login process.

We previously talked about 
place-based advertising. Founded in 2009, Unified Products offers us a concrete example of place-based advertising in action. Their wi-fi advertising is currently available at over 350 fitness locations nationwide. Once gym goers log in to the free wi-fi, they are made to watch a short, no-skip video ad. After the ad, they are taken to a landing page where they can receive a coupon or request more information on the ad they just watched. Finally, they can be given the option to opt-in to push notifications for that product or service in the future. The notifications can even remind them of an abandoned shopping cart.

Since they are advertising to people at the gym, the ads can be extremely targeted to that specific demographic. In fact, their videos have an 80% completion rate! Cell phone data can be collected on a landing page to further refine customer data, making future ads that much more effective.

According to CEO Kevin Dailey:

“Since many members work out on a regular basis the immersive experience will stick with them over the long haul.  We offer the ability to rotate ads during the login sequence to keep the interest up with fresh content.  This results in fully 80% of members seeing the video ads to completion.  We think this compares quite favorably with TV or digital signage videos, which rarely get a complete viewing anymore.  Coupled with  the right call to action and PUSH notifications it is a unique marketing play not found anywhere else.”

If you want to learn more check out the Unified Products and Services vendor page here.

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