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Interactive Media Walls


Interactive media walls are an exciting new form of digital OOH advertising capable of bringing your brand directly to consumers’ fingertips. These attention-grabbing displays are sure to gather a crowd as they educate, entertain, and provide unforgettable experiences to users.

Interactive media walls are delivered through two primary mediums:

Monitor-Based Displays

These consist of large collections of LCD screens tiled together in landscape format to create one cohesive image. The average size of these displays is 8’x14’ but can be as long as 30ft! These installations allow photos, graphics, and even videos to be activated simply by the touch of a user’s fingers.

They are used commonly in corporate lobbies, museums, and transit terminals, but can be effective in almost any space where there will be a high volume of passersby. Also, consider sending an interactive media wall on the road and start captivating customers in new markets with this fun technology.

Projection-Based Displays

These are slightly different from monitor based displays because they do not rely on physical contact to trigger a response. Instead, they use a combination of projection based images and gesture tracking technology to track a user’s movement and create interaction.

This medium is great for creating branded games and interactive advertisements that have the potential to influence how customers perceive your brand. Projection based displays are flexible in their sizing so they can be placed virtually anywhere, but they can be effective when installed in malls, movie theaters, or any other retail establishment.

In addition to this, projection-based displays are not limited to only being on the wall. Try placing one of these on the floor and watch user’s reactions when they realize they’ve walked right into your advertisement!

Next time you feel like you are being limited by standard forms of OOH advertising consider an interactive media solution. It’s an intensely creative format that is sure to have consumers meaningfully engaging with your brand.

Want to see one in action? Check out this video link.

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