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Kiosk Marketing


Looking to gain exposure in areas with heavy foot traffic where billboards aren’t an option? You might want to consider using a kiosk. When put in high traffic areas, kiosks are great at ensuring prolonged exposure and repeat impressions. Let’s take a look at some of the different kiosk options and benefits. 

Pedestrian Kioskskiosk2

Pedestrian Kiosks are upright structures, usually constructed in high traffic areas, outfitted with panels capable of displaying OOH advertisements. These panels usually contain temporary ads and can even be backlit for around-the-clock visibility. Maps of metropolitan areas can also be displayed in these kiosks to help pedestrians navigate complicated city streets. Doing this brings consumers eye-to-eye with your OOH offering, and encourages them to engage with the kiosk directly.

ATM Kiosksatm

Although ATM Kiosks have a singular primary function (completing minor banking transactions), they can also function as a canvas for OOH advertisements. ATM advertisements can be as simple as digital ads displayed on a screen, and as intricate as vinyl wraps that envelop the entire machine. Additionally, the personal interaction required when using an ATM will ensure that your offering captivates users in a meaningful, memorable way.

Payphone Kioskspayphone

Payphones may seem like a thing of the past, but according to the American Public Communications Council, 1.7 Billion calls are still made through payphones annually. Subsequently, the shelters that house payphones can still be considered premium real estate for OOH advertising. Phone kiosk ads are usually placed on the backs and sides of the shelters, and can even be placed right on the phone itself.  Their steady usage and their ability to gain exposure in highly trafficked areas make phone kiosks the perfect format for advertising on a populated city street, or in a busy airport’s terminal.

Now that you know about the various types of kiosks, and their associated benefits, head on over to DOmedia, the host to the largest database of OOH vendors in the USA, to find the perfect location for your next kiosk marketing campaign!

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