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6 Awesome Ads That Will Make You Want to Invest in OOH!

BuzzyOut-of-Home advertising fosters intense creativity. Take a look at these 6 incredible ad examples, and you’ll be convinced that OOH is the perfect medium for you.

1: Big Ad in the Big Apple

If the oversized movie poster doesn’t catch your attention, then hopefully the massive albino gorilla scaling a skyscraper will. Although this ad takes up a lot of space, its creative design is incredibly effective and manages to deliver all the right messaging in a very memorable way.

2: Friendly Reminders

These small posters do a great job demonstrating Out-of-Home’s versatility. Outdoor ads are sure to be seen so any messaging can be distributed using them. After seeing these it really is important to remember these two things:

  1. OOH isn’t only for business promotion anymore, it can be used for the greater good.
  2. Just be kind đŸ™‚

3: Outdoorsy Out-of-Home

Using unusual textures and materials in an advertisement can be risky, but it can also really pay off. That being said, this movie billboard certainly benefits from its organic components. Being creative, and taking that risk really makes this ad more interesting, and ultimately the message stands out in a more impactful way because of it.

4: OOH Fit for a King

Ever since Lebron was rumored to be considering a move in free agency, cities across the nation have been attempting to influence his decision using OOH. These boards were placed in downtown Philly in response to ads that had been placed in Cleveland trying to lure Lebron away from his hometown team. Being timely when using OOH can be a great way to capture consumer’s attention. Hopefully, these boards managed to catch the King’s attention too!

5: A Hole in One

Providing live statistics, or anything of interest to viewers is a fantastic idea. Not only will it attract people’s attention, it will also build trust in your brand as people will appreciate you providing them with relevant information. You might not be advertising your brand directly, but it will still have a decidedly positive effect.

6: The Big Cheese

This message here is simple, and it’s made even more memorable through the use of the fun cheese grater component. Adding additional elements, and thinking outside of the traditional “box”, can really make a billboard stand out. This billboard might be a little cheesy, but viewers won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these great OOH ads. If you did you should head on over to DOmedia, host of the largest database of OOH vendors in the US, to start planning a creative campaign of your own.

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