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BillboardsIn Changes: 75% More RFPs and More Choice

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BillboardsIn.com is Ready to GROW! Starting today, you DOmedia’s tool for local buyers will be sending 75% more RFPs. Plus, we’re instituting a new lead scoring system. Read on to find out more! If you have questions, schedule a consultation with our support team.

What you should know:

  • BillboardsIn served over 18,000 prospective advertisers last month.
  • Of all the advertising requests buyers submit every day, DOmedia has only allowed a small fraction to be sent as RFPs.
  • As of today, (Monday, 4/23/18) that has changed. We’ve opened the gates and initiated the next phase in the evolution of BillboardsIn, our platform for local advertisers.

What this means:

  • Local advertisers using BillboardsIn will begin sending ~75% more RFPs via DOmedia.
  • DOmedia will begin rolling out a new lead scoring system.
    • ~25% of BillboardsIn RFPs will include “GOLD” in the campaign name, meaning the buyer has shown above-average intent to purchase.
    • We’re giving you the power to choose how many sales you make.
    • We’ll be following up with you on GOLD opportunities, but you now have to power to sell to every advertiser who sends an RFP.


Setup a consultation with a member of the support team!

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