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What is Phone Kiosk Advertising?


Today, we’re going to be looking at phone kiosk advertising. Phone kiosk advertising includes all the displays you see attached to the exterior of payphone enclosures. There are options to use a classic poster style or digital backlit displays that brighten up the night. Sizing of displays also varies as you can choose to cover one side of the kiosk or wrap around the entirety of the kiosk.

There are numerous reasons why phone kiosks are an effective space to advertise on. For starters, phone kiosks are conveniently seen at eye-level making it easy for pedestrians and motorists to read your signage. Also, unlike TV or internet advertisements, viewers can’t simply change channels or skip ads to block out your message. Your message will be continuously displayed for people to absorb.

Another tremendous benefit to phone kiosk advertising is the ability to pick a strategic location for your ad. Phone kiosks are scattered around densely-populated areas with a lot of foot traffic. This gives plenty of opportunities to target demographically and geographically. With phone kiosk advertising, you can target by zip codes and neighborhoods to capture a specific audience. You can also target near populated venues or districts like college campuses, airports, and even point-of-sale locations to directly draw consumers to your product or service.

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