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DOmedia in Mexico, Local Sales Gain Speed in Canada

DOmedia will soon support Mexican OOH inventory, allowing media buyers to contract Mexican ad space alongside U.S. and Canadian assets. While Mexican media inventory will initially only be available to expert buyers searching or sending RFPs on DOmedia, talks are already underway with Mexican media operators interested in offering their inventory to local buyers on BillboardsIn.com.

“We’ll be announcing the first Mexican vendor soon, and we’re excited to let you know who it is,” Jeff Lamb, CTO of DOmedia, said. “They’ve helped us understand the unique landscape of OOH in Mexico – and their media inventory is exciting as well.”

Expanding DOmedia’s capabilities to accommodate assets in Mexico is another step in a very deliberate international expansion plan for the company. Canadian assets were first added to DOmedia in 2021. BillboardsIn processed its first transactions for Canadian ad space in 2022. Between the two products, hundreds of Canadian media buyers now use DOmedia software each month.

“We take time to enter new markets in a considerate way because we believe in remaining a neutral technology provider,” Nick Sadler, CEO of DOmedia, said. “You need really strong partners on the buying and selling side of the marketplace, or else you risk filling one of those roles yourself – we’ve seen the problems with other tech companies taking those shortcuts in the US.”

With those considerations in mind, plans to expand DOmedia to more international markets are taking shape. If you are interested in listing inventory or planning/buying media in Mexico, Canada or another country, please let us know here, or email OOHSupport@DOmedia.com.

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