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New DOmedia Availability Feature Brings Sellers New Customers

This quarter, DOmedia began allowing sellers responding to agency RFPs the option to make that media available to other buyers using DOmedia’s software. Today, DOmedia is happy to announce that data has already brought new customers to media sellers – fully automated sales requiring only that sellers login to DOmedia and accept a contract. 

While specific vendor contract data is confidential, the vendors in question were excited to receive new business based on the time they had already spent replying to agency RFPs.

DOmedia always sought to help sellers connect with more buyers, without creating additional work. Taking availability and pricing data a seller input into the system for one buyer, and allowing them to make it available to other buyers is a key step in that process. 

“It hasn’t always been easy to maintain our vision of being a truly neutral technology provider,” Jeff Lamb, CTO of DOmedia, said. “But, it is a crucial reason the largest agencies, like Rapport, Billups and Kinetic, are all willing to use our platform. Vendors will begin to benefit that work more and more, and this is just one example.”

In 2023, DOmedia’s software will be used to plan and buy $1.2B of OOH media, which includes over 25% of all U.S. agency-driven OOH spend. In the coming months, additional opportunities for sellers to get options in front of new buyers will become available, including a more advanced API endpoint for ingesting availability and pricing data and new products focused on helping sellers reach new buyers within the DOmedia software ecosystem. 

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