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BillboardsIn Celebrates Surpassing 200,000 User Mark

BillboardsIn.com, DOmedia’s online buying and planning platform for local advertisers, surpassed 200,000 users this month. The milestone comes at the end of another record quarter of media sales for the website, which currently services advertisers in the U.S. and Canada.

Customers range from local businesses in industries such as entertainment, beauty, retail and healthcare to large national brands, such as Microsoft and PepsiCo.  Approximately 75% of BillboardsIn customers are first-time out-of-home buyers, and a dedicated representative personally assists each user. The average buyer spends around $6,500 on OOH media, though the largest purchases have exceeded seven-figures.

Jus Agency, an ad agency based in London, bought their first billboards using BillboardsIn in late 2022, running a 4-week campaign in Times Square to promote their services to potential clients in the U.S. 

“10/10 amazing team and service,” Julia Ager, director and strategist, said regarding her experience. 

Using data that sellers provide through DOmedia, BillboardsIn lets buyers explore maps of available OOH ad space. Inventory is matched to each buyer’s criteria to help make buying out-of-home easy and accessible to new customers. 

Throughout the last year, DOmedia has integrated directly with an increasing number of sellers’ availability tracking platforms to increase the depth and accuracy of availability and pricing data shown to buyers. Analysis has since shown that sellers providing high-quality data were twice as likely to sell inventory via BillboardsIn. This level of integration will continue to become available to more sellers in 2023.

“The BillboardsIn team makes it easy to service a new customer,” Jamie Blanchard of View Transit said. “Their team was really supportive.”

The same technology that makes it scalable for BillboardsIn to service large numbers of less-experienced local advertisers is also empowering new agencies to offer OOH media services.

“We work with a number of smaller agencies who are pitching clients OOH media for the first time,” Kohei Adams, Director of Operations for BillboardsIn, said. “They appreciate how fast and easy we make it. Their clients want OOH, and they want to be able to provide it – when it isn’t a bunch of extra work.”

Those interested in learning more about buying and selling media on BillboardsIn can do so here. 

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